Vincent's Needle Blazer

The Vincent using it's Needle Blazer.

The Needle Blazer (ニードルブレイザー, Nīdorubureizà) is a device that can penetrate armor with a devastating and powerful effect. It was originally developed from the Lancelot's Blaze Luminous Shield and is usually located at the Knightmare Frame's elbow joint. In close range, it will emit a blast of focused energy that can be used to destroy an enemy Knightmare Frame. The Needle Blazer is usually aimed for an opposing enemy's cockpit most likely in order to destroy it and kill it's pilot. This burst is very powerful and is an almost certainty to destroy the opposing Knightmare. Its effect is also alike to the Radiant Wave Surger in the way of its destructive capabilities, but on a much smaller scale. The only knightmares that are seen equipped with the Needle Blazer are the Vincent and the Vincent Commander Model.

Operational HistoryEdit

Vincent - Electric Needle Blazers

An active Needle Blazer.

The Needle Blazer was first used by the Vincent. Rolo was piloting the Vincent in order to stop the Black Knights whose objective was to rejoin with Zero. He killed one of the Black Knights who was piloting a Burai with the Needle Blazer. Rolo would once again use the Vincent's Needle Blazer during the Assault on the Geass Order against V.V. to destroy one of the Siegfried's Slash Harken. The Needle Blazer was also present in Guilford's Vincent Commander Model and was used during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement.
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