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Natalia Luxembourg (ナタリア・ルクセンブルグ, Nataria Rukusenburugu) is a character appearing in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. She is one of the central figures in charge of the administrative aspects of the Neo Britannian Empire.



Character History[]

Natalia is the only daughter of the Luxembourg family. Her family emigrated to Japan to act as an aide to Princess Sherry me Britannia.

Her father is considered an invalid, with Natalia ultimately acting as the family head despite being in her teens. Over time she became a central figure within the Neo Brittanian administration. Natalia is mentioned to have written up an application for an Eleven Special District, which was approved by Norland von Lunebelg. Natalia was also present during an assassination attempt on Callis al Britannia, successfully protecting him from his assailant leading to a strong bond between the two.

Natalia is the owner of the Sumari Cafe, which acts as a secret hideout for Sakuya Sumeragi. She is aware of Sakuya's alternate identity and converses with Sakuya regarding Sakura's whereabouts after she was taken from Abashiri Prison. She manages to recruit Sakuya to work as a maid at the cafe, using her as an extra pair of hands while still letting her enjoy her freedom.

When Natalia received a sudden summons from Emperor Callis, she quickly pays him a visit. As they chat, Callis expresses interest in her cafe but is fearful to visit it due to his experience with the Japanese people. Callis also mentions that he fears Norland even more than the Japanese. To lift the emperor's spirits, Natalia offers to open a cafe at the palace just for him to which he happily accepts.

While returning Sakuya back to the Seven Shining Stars, she promises to do all that she can to help her. Sakuya then asks if she can come back, with Natalia stating she is always welcome as the cafe is her home too.