Napoleon Bonaparte (1824 - 1870 a.t.b) was successful on the Battle of Trafalgar against the Britannian Empire and Admiral Nelson. He then proceed to occupied the British Isle which becomes part of French Empire. That caused the British Royal family to be exiled to the Americas, that were recently neutralize the Washington Rebellion, and there they have found Holy Britannian Empire. Although in 1815 (1870 a.t.b) Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo therefore ending the possibility of Conquering Russia. Napoleon Bonaparte dies on his way back to France, after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo; although it was never proven, it is rumored that assassins poisoned his food in accordance to Elizabeth III's will. Her last words included the famous line, "I do not forget slights to my honour." . His Victory in Europe led to the Foundation of the Euro Universe.

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