Naomi Inoue
Full Name: Naomi Inoue

Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Indigo
Eye Color: Brown

Death Date: a.t.b. September 9, 2017
Nationality: Japanese
Additional Information
Rank: Commander
Occupation: Terrorist
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Real World
First Appearance: The White Knight Awakens
Last Appearance: Zero
Voiced By: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)
Cindy Robinson (English)
Eleonora Reti (Italian)
Other Info:
See The Black Knights

Naomi Inoue (井上直美, Inoue Naomi) was a woman with mid-length, blue hair and was one of the first members of The Black Knights being a commander who provides logistical support.

Character OutlineEdit

Inoue was formerly a member of Naoto Kozuki's resistance team, (and the only other female besides Kallen Kozuki in the group) before joining the Black Knights. Initially, as a member, she was a commander who provides logistical support. During the Black Rebellion, she meets her death when the upper-half of her Burai was destroyed.

Character HistoryEdit

First SeasonEdit

Inoue is first seen with the other members of Naoto Kozuki's resistance team during the assault at Shinjuku Ghetto. She is later seen when the Black Knights make their first appearance. When the Black Knights are at the Battle of Narita, Inoue is seen directing black knights to destroy enemy tanks.

Inoue's death

Inoue facing her fiery death

During the battle of Area 11, Inoue is seen piloting a Burai alongside with Sugiyama. The upper-half of her burai was shot then exploded, killing her in the process.


  • She shares her seiyū's surname.
  • In one Code Geass magazine she was ranked 4th place in breast size of all female characters in season 1. She was placed below Kallen but above Cornelia who were placed 3rd & 5th respectively.

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