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The Nagid Shu Mane (ナギド・シュ・メイン, Nagido Shu Mein) is a Knightmare Frame of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, serving as the personal machine of its King, Shalio.

Design and Specifications[]

The Nagid Shu Mane, rumored to possibly be the first 10th Generation Knightmare Frame, is a high-performance machine that incorporates new technology throughout its frame. It is built with a Float System embedded into each part of its body, giving it exceptional maneuverability. It is designed to perform quick successive attacks while disorienting opponents with its high speed. In addition to standard melee combat, it also has a sword that can take a number of different forms, as well as having an assault rifle to perform long-range attacks. It is also equipped with two hidden arms that it can use to grab and restrain opponents. Its shields, mounted on its shoulders, also function as Slash Harkens and can each generate a Blaze Luminous, and can be used offensively.

The Nagid Shu Mane also possesses a feature called Megistos Omega, which seems to amplify the Knightmare's abilities, giving it even greater speed and creating an "afterimage" effect, both while stationary and in motion. This feature puts a heavy burden on the pilot. The KMF’s exclusive pilot, Shalio, pilots the unit while taking drugs as self-strengthening measure.

Operational History[]

The Nagid Shu Mane was first seen in combat, engaging Zero in the Mahoroba Type-01, but the skirmish was short due to Zero falling into Zilkhstan's trap, according to Shamna's prophecy.

The Nagid would later engage the Lancelot siN during the Black Knights assault of Zilkhstan's capitol. Using the Nagid's superior speed and agility, Shalio was easily able to overwhelm the Lancelot siN while it was in Knight Giga Fortress mode with its Frame Coat, and further pressed its advantage by activating its Megistos Omega.

Though initially seeming to be winning the duel, once the Lancelot cast off its Frame Coat, the tide of battle turned towards the Lancelot. Whether due to opposition against a stronger machine, opposition against a strong pilot in Suzaku, or due to Shalio's own body being pushed too far in the battle, the Lancelot siN would come out victorious and the unit would be destroyed along with Shalio.


  • The way the Nagid Shu Mane's Megistos Omega works resembles the Trans-Am System from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, another anime series animated by Sunrise.


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