Kallens Mother
Mrs. Kōzuki

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Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Mr. Stadtfeld (Husband)
Kallen Kōzuki (Daughter)
Naoto Kōzuki (Son)
Real World
First Appearance: Refrain
Last Appearance: Re;
Created By: CLAMP
Voiced By: Yuri Amano (Japanese)
Other Info:
See Kallen Kōzuki

Mrs. Kōzuki is the mother of Kallen Kōzuki and Naoto Kōzuki.

Charcter Outline

Mrs. Kōzuki

Kallen's Mother waving goodbye.

A Japanese woman who fell in love with a Britannian of the name Stadtfeld, and who was also a nobleman. With him she had two children, Kallen and Naoto Kōzuki. The children stayed with their mother for most of their lives.

Because his legal wife could not bear any children, Mr. Stadtfeld requested to formally adopt Kallen into his household as his heir. Because Kallen would benefit from being a Britannian noble, Ms. Kōzuki accepted Mr. Stadtfeld's request without Kallen's consent. Though Stadtfelt's wife ordered Kallen's mother never to see her daughter again, Ms. Kōzuki refused. Determined to remain by her daughter's side no matter what, she was hired as a maid in the Stadtfelt's household.

Ms. Kōzuki endured a great deal of abuse from Kallen's stepmother and the other maids, who were all pure Britannians. Though Kallen would try to discreetly help her mother, their relationship became very strained and Kallen usually stayed away from her mother. When she became unable to bear her life at the Stadtfeld house, Ms. Kōzuki took to using Refrain to recall happier moments in the past. She is eventually arrested and sentenced 20 years to jail for using Refrain, though the incident that led to Kallen learning that her mother resorted to using drugs managed to bring them back together.

Kallen's mother is not seen again until the final episode of the second season where she is shown to have been freed and is living a normal life with Kallen in an apartment. She is presumed to have overcome her Refrain addiction. She is last seen drinking tea and waving goodbye to Kallen as she leaves for school.

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