Kallens Mother
Mrs. Kōzuki

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Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Mr. Stadtfeld (Husband)
Kallen Kōzuki (Daughter)
Naoto Kōzuki (Son)
Real World
First Appearance: Refrain
Last Appearance: Re;
Created By: CLAMP
Voiced By: Yuri Amano (Japanese)
Other Info:
See Kallen Kōzuki

Mrs. Kōzuki is the mother of Kallen Kōzuki and Naoto Kōzuki.

Charcter Outline

Mrs. Kōzuki

Kallen's Mother waving goodbye.

A Japanese who fell in love with a Britannian, of the name Stadtfeld, and who was also a nobleman. With him she had two kids, Kallen and Naoto Kōzuki. After a fight, she became a servant to the Stadtfeld household, in which she always tried to look after Kallen and Naoto. She also was sentenced 20 years to jail for using Refrain. She always tried to be with Kallen to protect her.

She isn't seen again until the final episode of the second season where she is shown to have been freed and is living a normal life with Kallen in an apartment. She is presumed to have overcome her Refrain addiction. She is last seen drinking tea and waving goodbye to Kallen as she leaves for school.

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