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The Moosa is a new Knightmare Frame designed and developed by Lloyd Asplund and his new private company during the Kowa Era. It is piloted by Nina Einstein in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design and Development[]

This Knightmare Frame follows a highly unconventional design, bearing and mixing elements similar to that of other units. The Moosa is monoptic, with a single eye on its head, similar to many of the Knightmares used by the Black Knights, including the Akatsuki models and the Zangetsu. The Moosa's cockpit is built in the style used by Britannian-made Knightmares, such as the Sutherland. Its feet take the form of Landspinners shaped like rollerblades, similar to the Sutherland Sieg. The Moosa uses a Float System, but it does not exist in its back. Rather, it exists in the six flaps on its midsection, each of which contains an individual Integrated Float System. It is similar to the Nagid Shu Mane, which bore Float Systems in areas of its body besides its back. It is not shown with any visible armaments, but it was shown to be capable of producing Blaze Luminous shields from its forearms. With its lack of weapons and utilization during the invasion of Zilkhstan, it may be possible that this unit was not meant for outright combat, but rather, for stealth-based operations.

Operational History[]

During the invasion of Zilkhstan, as Cornelia led her forces to assault the capital, Gralbahd, Lloyd, Cécile Croomy, and Nina, later joined by Sayoko Shinozaki, infiltrated the capital discreetly, bringing this unit along for the ride. Their intended mission was to retrieve data from the capital. However, due to the unique ability of her Geass, Shamna, the queen of Zilkhstan, anticipated their arrival, sending in Swaile Qujappat and his forces to intercept them. As Swaile used his Geass to throw the group into disarray, Cécile was shot. Nina attempted to defend her group and carry them to safety using the Moosa. Fortunately, the team was able to trick and kill Swaile, while Cécile survived her wounds and was later treated after the invasion concluded.


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