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Miya I. Hillmick (ミーヤ・I・ヒルミック) is a minor character appearing in the second season at Ashford Academy. She is also a member of the Ashford Academy's Swimming Club.

Character History[]

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2[]

During the episode Love Attack! she manages to get hold of Lelouch's hat during the "Cupid Day" event, thus claiming the boy as her lover, only for Lelouch to respond by using his Geass to get the girl to return it. In Geass Hunt, she attends Shirley's funeral. She is later seen in a photo during Ohgi and Villetta's wedding in the second-season finale.

Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren[]

In concurrent with her debut episode, the scene where Lelouch geasses Miya was secretely witnessed by Ledo Offen, who was assigned undercover to gather info on "Suzaku's friend".


  • Her name was based on her voice actress, [1]. Miyake (三宅) is named as Miya (ミーヤ), I. as Y (or I) balance, Hitomi (ひとみ) as Hillmick (ヒルミック) respectively.


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