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Middle Eastern Federation Skirmish
Part of Britannia's Middle East Campaign
Middle East Federation Skirmish
Cornelia Li Britannia destroys the MEF base.
Date August 18, 2017 a.t.b
Location Middle Eastern Federation.
Result Decisive Britannian Victory
MEF occupied, colonized and renamed Area 18
Holy Britannian Empire Middle Eastern Federation
Cornelia Li Britannia, Gilbert G.P. Guilford Unamed MEF Bamides commander
14 Sutherlands
4 Gloucesters

Unspecified Number of Britannian Tanks

Approximately 4 Bamides
Casualties and Losses
Majority of the Sutherlands & Most Britannian Tanks All Bamides, MEF base.


The "Middle Eastern Federation Skirmish" was the final battle between the Holy Empire of Britannia and the remainder of the military of the Middle Eastern Federation, and the only battle of the conquest of that nation depicted.

The Battle[]

The remainder of the MEF forces were defending a Fortress with four of their large new tank-like Bamides Knightmare Frames. A Sutherland Brigade under the command of their squad leader moved ahead, but the Bamides's long-range linear guns decimated the 14-strong group. Almost victorious, Cornelia surprised the commanders by destroying the base they were guarding behind them on her own. Absolutely dumbstruck, the MEF forces were then assaulted by Guilford and his men, (the Glaston Knights) in 3 other Gloucester who sped in and destroyed the remaining Bamides.


With this victory, Area 18 was established. Furthermore, it freed up Princess Cornelia to go to Area 11 and begin her hunt to capture Zero and take revenge for the death of Clovis la Britannia.