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Meeting Milly
Audio Drama 07
"Meeting Milly"
Original Release Date August 22nd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Imperial Siblings The Black King (Audio Drama)

Stage 0.911 takes place 4 years before the Black Rebellion begins.


Milly Ashford starts reflecting on the first time she met Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. After exchanging a brief greeting Milly offers to show Lelouch around the campus of Ashford Academy. He immediately refuses as he does not want to waste his time. Milly is strangely compassionate and tries to make Lelouch feel less nervous by showing him her bust line and the curves from her hips to her thighs. She is still in middle school at this point but still suggests that Lelouch should ogle her. He does so and she gets kind of offended at how obvious he made it.

Lelouch changes the topic back to the school and advises Milly that he will get the basic data on his own and is more interested in the layout of the buildings and facilities provided. Milly tries to be patient but fails when she accurately guesses that Lelouch has no friends. He moves past that point and comments on all the potholes and lack of wheelchair ramps. Milly then briefly runs down the list of buildings on campus and informs Lelouch that there is no co-ed housing. This frustrates Lelouch as no one told him that he wouldn't be with Nunnally. He gets upset and starts to walk off but Milly is able to stop him for a moment while she questions him. She doesn't know about his heritage and accidentally offends him.

Before Lelouch gets any more frustrated Nunnally rolls up. As Milly begins to understand the situation she decides to take action and fix all the potholes and add wheel chair ramps. Lelouch is hesitant to trust her so Milly decides to put up some collateral. She offers Lelouch the chance to have his way with her if she fails to meet their standards as a sign of trust. At that she takes off with Nunnnally and Lelouch gives his thanks to her. Milly reflects a little more on this first meeting and waxes a little poetic by the end.