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Guren - Knife

The Guren's Maser Vibration Sword - Knife

The Maser Vibration Sword (MVS) (メーザーバイブレーションソード, Mēzābaiburēshonsōdo) is a type of weapon that uses a combination of extremely high oscillation rates and temperatures in order to increase the cutting effectiveness of the weapon, thus causing the gray material to suddenly become red. Due to some Maser Vibration Swords having similar oscillation rates, they can collide with each other without being cut. It can be inferred that the deeper the color of red it is, the sharper, stronger, and more durable the MVS blade becomes. Rakshata created a variant of the Maser Vibration Sword known as the Revolving Blade Sword.


The Lancelot was the first Knightmare seen using a Maser Vibration Sword. The Lancelot's MVSs are stored in sheaths attached, by the cross-guard being folded, to the cockpit block. Guilford's Gloucester was fitted with a pair of MVSs identical to the Lancelot's, stored in black scabbards on the sides of the Gloucester's cockpit. The Lancelot Club equipped a variant of the Lancelot's MVSs that could be combined into a dual-bladed lance-type weapon. The same weapon was later equipped to the Vincent and its successors. The Tristan is equipped with two MVS Polearms, long-shafted and short-bladed weapons that combine to form a long, dual-headed spear. The Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, as part of its reconfigurations, had its previous version's Fork Knife retrofitted into a larger, purple MVS version.

The Galahad carries an enormous and extremely powerful Maser Vibration Sword, which was given to Bismarck Waldstein by the Britannian Emperor Charles zi Britannia himself and christened "Excalibur". It is far more powerful than most other weapons of this type, and its blade is a deep purple rather than red. The Excalibur is able to easily break through armor in a single swing, and is capable of generating an energy field that can block and slice through powerful energy blasts - a capability no other MVS weapon has demonstrated. After the Galahad's destruction, the broken Excalibur is re-forged as two blades, which are equipped to the Tristan Divider.

In general, the MVS was originally deployed typically for higher-end Knightmares, due to the high energy requisite needed to power the weapon. However, its effectiveness cannot be denied. During the Knights of the Round Uprising, the Lancelot Albion used its MVSs to bisect the Knightmare Galahad and even its own Excalibur MVS clean down the middle. MVSs of a deeper shading are shown to be powerful enough to break through energy-based shielding with ease. During the Second Battle of Tokyo, the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. used its new MVS Fork Knife to shatter the Percival's Particle Drill Lance, which was developed using Blaze Luminous technology. During the Battle of Mt. Fuji, the Tristan Divider's MVSs broke through the Shinkirō's Absolute Defense easily, severing its arm in the process before being used to destroy the unit in a single strike.


  • In real life, a MASER is a device which produces coherent electromagnetic waves through simulated emission. It can be thought of as the analog to a Laser within the microwave range, rather than the visual range. Despite the name MVS standing for "Maser Vibration Sword," MASERs are not actually involved in the device.


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