Image-Mariebell mel Britannia
Maribelle mel Britannia
Full Name: Maribelle mel Britannia

Age: 17
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Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: n/a

Birth Date: a.t.b. n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Blood Type: n/a
Zodiac Sign: n/a
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Charles zi Britannia (Father)
Additional Information
Title: 88th Princess of Britannia
Founder and Leader of the Glinda Knights
Captain of the Granberry
Rank: Princess
Occupation: Royalty
Military Officer
Real World
Created By: Takahiro Kimura
Other Info:
See Code Geass: Oz the Reflection

Maribelle mel Britannia is the 88th Princess of the Brtiannian Empire and the founder and leader of the anti-terrorism organization “Glinda Knights” within the Britannian military. She is childhood friends with Oldrin Zevon.

Maribelle's single-handed establishment of the Glinda Knights was triggered by the experience of losing her mother and younger sister in a terrorist attack when she was young. Although usually misunderstood for having just a lovely appearance and a gentle demeanor, she is a sharp and able person who possesses not only situational assessment and strategy-designing abilities, but also has the ability to not let others near her.

Though an imperial princess, she personally serves as the captain of the Glinda Knights’ mother ship, the floating airship Granberry, and goes directly to the front lines. She has received interest from Prince Schneizel, and has been given priority to put to use the prototypes of the Knight of Rounds-use machines developed by Camelot.

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