Mark Nemo

The Mark Nemo

  • Series: Nightmare of Nunally (manga)
  • Height: unknown
  • Weight: unknown
  • Weapons:
    • Blonde Knife × 6 (remote wired rocket anchors)
    • Katana × 1
  • Equipment/Installment: none

The Mark Nemo, which makes its first appearance in the Nightmare of Nunnally manga, is an advanced Knightmare Frame piloted by Nunnally Lamperouge. Unlike most Knightmare Frames, the Mark Nemo does not possess Landspinners; as a result, it can move more acrobatically, allowing it to jump and run in high places.

The main weapons of the Mark Nemo are six remote wired rocket anchors known as Blonde Knives. They are similar to Slash Hakens, except that they possesses sharp blades on the end that can penetrate any Knightmare Frame and can also drill rapidly on the ground. The Blonde Knives can also move remotely either in mid-air or underground, allowing them to target and destroy multiple Knightmare Frames. The Mark Nemo is also armed with a katana capable of cutting through nearly any obstacle. It was destroyed after Nunnally terminated her contract with Nemo. In the Lost Colors videogame, when Nunnally is talking about her ideal Knightmare Frame, the Mark Nemo appears in the background.

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