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Mariel Lubie (マリエル・ラビエ) takes Cecile Croomy's place as Lloyd Asplund's assistant in the Suzaku of the Counterattack manga. She is a year older than Suzaku and serves as his love interest instead of Euphemia li Britannia. Having already graduated from university, she is the reason why Suzaku is able to attend Ashford Academy as her "gift" to him. She and her father, Lenard Lubie, are targeted by the Black Knights personally led by Zero before Suzaku intervenes in his Lancelot combat suit. She is injured when an explosive detonates near her, resulting in Lenard's death. From there the embittered Suzaku takes care of Mariel at his home.


Mariel Lubie



Mariel, or "Elle" as she prefers Suzaku to call her, is first introduced in the manga as having a straightforward but somewhat forgetful personality when she grabs Suzaku and drags him to meet Lloyd without explaining why, only realizing after the fact that she had forgotten to introduce herself or explain what Suzaku was needed for.

A while later, after Suzaku is in a depressed state from remembering the death of his father, Mariel overrides Lloyd to give Suzaku the day off before dragging him on a date in hopes of lifting his spirits. While in the settlement, after coming on some other Britannians harassing Eleven workers and after realizing that they will lose their jobs if they stand up for themselves or if Suzaku intervenes, she pretends to have an accident and spill her drink on one of the Britannians causing trouble before apologizing and taking them away to get cleaned up, demonstrating her disapproval of Britannia's oppressive culture while being mindful of the consequences that can come from standing up against it recklessly.

When speaking to Schneizel later in the series, she responds to his praise of her knowledge of Regulators with pride, exclaiming that she didn't get to her position just through connections.