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Maria Shaing (マリア シャイング, Maria Shaingu) is the Britannian adoptive mother of Shin Hyuga Shaing. Despite not being Britannian and only her foster son, Maria loved and cared for Shin like her real son. Once Shin's insanity started to get worse, Maria was put under Shin's geass and stabbed Alice Shaing (conversely, her daughter suffered the same fate and stabbed her mother.)

The night before his confrontation with Leila Malcal outside Weisswolf castle, Shin met Maria as a ghost, who begged him to "join her", as Shin expressed his desire to do so.



Character Outline[]

Character History[]


  • to Shin) "I may only be your foster mother but I love all the same."
  • (to Alice) "Please, I'd like us to go together Alice."
  • (to Shin) "We realize your intentions are noble my son, that said, I don't think killing is the answer to your fears."


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