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Mande Madin Su

Mande Madin Su

Zilkhstani Land Cruiser


Land Cruiser


Kingdom of Zilkhstan


Kingdom of Zilkhstan

Propulsion Engine

Conventional Tread


2x Superheavy Artillery Cannons
8x Surface-to-Surface Cruise Missiles

Special Equipment

Zilkhstani Jeeps
Knightmare Frames
Two Knighmare Launch Catapults

Number of Crew

1x Commander
Several Drivers
Several Groundsmen
Few Hundred Soldiers
Dozen Engineers
Few Dozen Ghedo Vakka Pilots


Hundreds of soldiers
Shesthaal Forgnar

The Mande Madin Su is the flagship landship used by the Kingdom of Zilkhstan as a mobile fortress and Knightmare carrier.

Design and Specifications[]

The Mande Madin Su is smaller comparatively speaking, to many of its landship counterparts such as the Longdan-class Ground Combat Command Battleship from the Chinese Federation and the Giant-class Land Battleship from the United Republic of Europia. If anything, its role, size and function bears more in comparison with Britannia's G-1 Base classes of Land Cruisers.

As such, the land cruiser is designed more of a rear-facing force; supporting Zilkhstani ground forces via artillery bombardment with its two powerful forward facing superheavy artillery cannons and missile launchers, whilst launching Ghedo Vakkas or the Nagid Shu Mane as reinforcements.

The land cruiser runs on two giant treads and its command bridge is forward facing. It also houses other armoured vehicles like the Zilkhstani Jeep and hundreds of Zilkhstani soldiers.


  • The way the artillery cannons are mounted means that it could only fire in one direction, as any attempt of turreted movement would collide with the vehicle's hull itself.
  • Due to how short the treads are, the Land Cruiser's design makes it incredibly front and top heavy, making it not a stable platform.


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