Mahoroba Type-01


Technical Specifications




Black Knights

Developed From




2x Landspinner



2x Slash Harken


2x Sword


Known Pilot(s)

Suzaku Kururugi

The Mahoroba Type-01 (真母衣波 壱式) is a Knightmare Frame based on the Shinkirō that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. It was designed for Zero, following his decision to stop piloting the Lancelot Albion Zero.

Design and DevelopmentEdit

During the first deployment of the Lancelot Albion Zero, the Knightmare ended up covered in blood after successfully completing its mission. That image instilled fear into the people he had saved during the mission, so Suzaku decided that he could not continue piloting that Knightmare. However, he acknowledged that it might be necessary for him to go into combat again. Therefore, he requests Rakshata to develop him a new Knightmare, not like the Lancelot used by the "evil" Emperor Lelouch, something that would be more fitting for Zero to use. She decided that, for Zero, a successor to the Shinkirō would be perfect.

Two Mahoroba units were constructed, with one being made for ceremonial purposes and another intended for pure combat. This first unit does not have any weapons other than swords and slash harkens.

Operational HistoryEdit

Suzaku had no other machine to use during the attempt to kidnap Nunnally so he sortied in the ceremonial-use Mahoroba and skillfully defeated hordes of enemy KMF in a machine not made for combat. A true testament to Suzaku's skill as a pilot as he was only captured because of well-thought trap and not because of the KMF or his abilities.



Trivia Edit

  • Mahoroba (nowadays only written as まほろば) is an ancient Japanese word describing a far-off land full of bliss and peace. This is a clear reference to the world after the Zero Requiem in which Suzaku hoped to live.
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