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I am another you. Another shape of the girl named Nunnally. And from this day on, I will be Princess Nunnally’s knight.


Magical Device Nemo, (魔導器ネモ madouki nemo) usually just called Nemo, is a main character from the spin-off manga Nightmare of Nunnally.


She first appears as a small white doll-like thing with a geass sigil on its face. Upon initiating her contract with Nunnally, she takes on a appearance identical to Nunnally, but with light blond hair, red eye, and a geass symbol on her forehead.


Despite sharing a body, Nemo's personality remains distinct from Nunnally. Nemo claims to be an expression of Nunnally's unconscious anger and hostility. As an extension of Nunally inner darkness, Nemo cares about the same things that she does, becoming extremely angered when it seemed like Lelouch and Alice were killed.

She sees herself as Nunnally's knight and as such, is furiously protective of Nunnally and will protect her from danger when possible, such as when she nearly summoned Mark Nemo when some girls were bullying Nunnally.

Before meeting Nunnally, Nemo sought the darkness in humans hearts, believing that gaining that would allow it to evolve from a mere mud doll into a higher state of being.

Character Outline[]

Nemo describes herself as quantum-like being created by stringing together the cells of a witch.

Character History[]

Lelouch discovers C.C

Lelouch discovers C.C. and Nemo.

Nemo was fist seen falling out of the containment capsule with C.C. It later begins calling out to Nunnally and upon meeting her in the ghetto, senses her wrath and offers to give her power in exchange for fulfilling her wish, which she accepts.

Nemo attacking the G1

Nemo attacking the G1.

Nemo then merges with Nunnally taking control of her body and manifesting her knightmare. At first, Nemo showed elation upon being able to run and jump, but upon seeing Britanninan knightmares, Nemo realizes that they were responsible for Lelouch’s apparent death and flies into a rage and begins destroying Britanian Knightmares. In retaliation, Clovis la Britannia sends Jeremiah Gottwald, Villetta Nu, and a unit of Sutherlands to intercept the Mark Nemo. Using their now shared Geass, Nunnally and Nemo defeat the entire unit. Her attention turns to Clovis, but she decides at the last moment to spare him upon recalling Nunnally & Lelouch's wish for a peaceful world.

Later on, after Nunnally regains control, she tries to deny the events the occurred, but Nemo then appears before her, introducing herself an announcing herself a Nunnally's knight. Later, after Milly informs Nunnally that they still have found Lelouch, Nemo assures Nunnally that Lelouch isn't dead. When Nunnally questions how she can see Nemo, Nemo explains their contract. Later on, Nunnally is harassed by some of her classmates led by Ekaterina Sforza. After Ekaterina knocks Nunnally out of her wheelchair, before Nemo is about to intervene, but is undercut by Alice's appearance.

During the Hotel hijacking Nemo carefully observes the situation. When Kusakabe mocks Nunnally's naivety at believing she would be able to stop his execution, Nemo agrees with him, explaining that even with the authority of a princess, she wouldn't be able to save them. When Alice is seemingly killed by the Kusakabe, Nemo takes control of Nunnally's body and summons her knightmare. Before Nemo can kill Kusakabe, Nunnally stops her. Nemo is confused bout how Nunnally stopped her, and wonders if C.C. had done something. Under Nunnally's direction, Nemo then goes to the heliport to save the hostages.

Alice and Nemo clash

Alice and Nemo clash.

Nemo arrives just in time to stop the hostages from being gunned down and vows to make all the knightmares there unable to fight. After disable all of the knightmares, present, Alice, in her knightmare, appears. Believing the whoever is in the Mark Nemo must have killed Nunnally, Alice attacks. As they battle begins, they both realize that the other is also a geass user. Nemo manages to disable Alice's Knightmare, and despite Nunnally's pleas, Nemo sees her as too big a threat and tries to go for the killing blow, but she is interrupted by the building beginning to explode.

Nemo shows Nunnally the events at Shinjuku

Nemo shows Nunnally the events at Saitama.

After Cornelia announces her plan to attack the ghetto, Nemo immediately realizes that its a trap to lure out bot them and Zero. Nunnally states that she doesn't want to experience something like that again, but Nemo claims that her 'anger' says differently before activating their geass and showing Nunnally the horror that will occur if they don't intervene. Nemo then explains that since they can see the future, they have the power to stop it.

After the battle starts, and the black knight arrive, Nemo in her knightmare joins the battle and destroys several Britannian knightmares, while Kallen initially believes them to be al ally, Nemo clarifies that they simply intend to stop the fighting, regardless of which side its from before attacking Ohgi. Kallen tried to fight back, but Nemo overwhelms her, but the battle is interrupted by the arrival of Dalque. Alice then appear and while Nemo manages to kick her way, she is lured into a field of Gefjun Disturbers disabling her knightmare. Nunnally questions what happened and Nemo explains that her geass requires her to stay mentally focused to work. Nemo manages to destroy the gefjun disturbers jus tin time counter sniper fire, but it leaves her winded. After Alice neutralizes C.C.'s cell control, she is able to move too fast for Nemo o react at all. Before Alice can land the finishing blow, Zero appears before them and teleports Nemo away.

They appear somewhere else in the Ghetto and Zero explains that they asked Nemo to protect Nunnally before questioning why they left the battlefield. Zero then reveals themselves to be C.C.. Nemo states that while they may be a copy of her, taking the darkness inside Nunnally's heat has allowed her to become a higher being. C.C. points out that by allowing herself to be controlled by Nunnally's anger, she is being used by it. This angers Nemo who blames Zero for manipulating C.C. C.C. then leaves, telling Nemo not to come to the battlefield again and to protect Nunnally, leaving Nemo to angrily deny being a nameless doll.

Nemo attacking Mao

Nemo attacking Mao.

After waking up back at Ashford, Nunnally asks Nemo what she knew about C.C. and Lelouch, but Nemo admits she didn't know any more then Nunnally. When Nunally goes to the spot where she me Nemo, Nemo then explains that she is a copy of the immortal "Witch of Briannia", C.C., and when Lelouch and C.C. formed a contract, she was specifically appointed as Nunnally's protector. Mao then arrives, revealing that she know Nunnally's true identity as well as her connection to Nemo. The woman then explains the Irregulars, how geass works, and how her body is degrading as a result of C.C.'s cells. Nemo urges Nunnally to flee, but the woman shoots her wheelchair, forcing Nunnaly to the ground and pushing Nemo to try to attack her with Mark Nemo.

Lelouch takes over Nemo

Lelouch takes over Nemo.


C.C. takes over Nemo.

The woman then reveals that she can see Nemo and activates her geass, the refrain, on her. Nemo then begins to experience Nunnally's memories. While experiencing the memories, Nemo finds some memories blocked by the D.O.M. Hostia system. Upon pushing past the memory, Nemo sees Lelouch and Nunnally being having their lives threatened by Genbu before C.C. arrives and kills him. As Nunnally falls deeper into her memories, her assimilation with Nemo begins to weaken. As Mao tries to extract Nemo from Nunnally, Nemo is suddenly taken over by Lelouch who questions what Mao is trying to do to his sister. Nemo then transforms into C.C. who grabs Mao before forcibly injecting her with more of her cells, speeding up Mao's cell degeneration and forcing her to flee.

Some time later, After, Suzaku leaves Nunnaly at Ashford, Nemo states that the next Britannian military operation will take place at the JLF HQ in Narita. Nunnally is initially upset that she used her geass to read Suzaku's future, but Nemo points out Nunnally's desire to stop conflict and the likely hood that Lelouch will be on the battlefield. Nemo then questions what she will do, but Nunnally tells her that Nemo should already know.


Despite sharing Nunnally's body, Nemo doesn't share her blindness. Nemo can normally only be "seen" by Nunnally, with the exception of Mao.

Contract Bestowal[]

Nunally merging with Nemo (NoN)

Nunally merging with Nemo

Being made from C.C.'s cells, Nemo is capable of bestowing Geass contracts, though she must merge with a host in order to do so.


Nemo's Geass

Nemo using Nunnally's geass.

Nunnally and Nemo's geass allows them to "see the lines of the future", an ability that functions like precognition. It is similar to the geass used by Bismarck Waldstein, except that it is more effective because it tells the entire future instead of just one person's. A red geass sigil lights up in Nemo's left eye while it is activated. When combined with their the Mark Nemo, they are almost unstopable on the battle field, taking someone like Alice and her artificial geass "The Speed" to even contend. The geass apparently takes a large toll on Nunnally's body, because she is seen bedridden after long usage of the geass.


Nemo takes control

Nemo summoning Mark Nemo.

She can also create the knightmare frame Mark Nemo to use in battle, joining herself and Nunnally together in a her body. She is also capable of summoning only small parts of it at a time when not controlling Nunnally's body. Cornelia likens her abilities as a pilot to Marianne the Flash.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Lost Stories[]


Nemo and Alice make an appearance in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories 2nd Anniversary event story, Mark Alice: Nunnally in Wonderland. In it, they help Nunnally to manifest a new Knightmare Frame, the Mark Alice.