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The Magdala (マグダラ ) is a Knightmare Frame that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories, personally piloted by Carly Disel.

Design and Development[]

The exact origin of Magdala is unknown, only it was build by Carly Disel as her personal machine.

Operational History[]

The first sighting of Magdala first appeared on Shikine Island attacking Britannia forces, Carly would engage in a one on one duel with Sutherland Custom piloted by her nephew/niece. She would gain the upper hand before finishing her off C.C. would arrive and interrupt the battle saving Mario/Maya forcing Carly to retreat.

Carly would sortie in Magdala again during the First Assault on Tokyo, this time upgrade with new armaments. She would attack Britannia while looking for Mario/Maya. She would attack the Black Knights driving a truck carrying Sougetsu. She would finally find Mario/Maya and engage in combat. She would successfully destroy the Sutherland Custom but failed to kill Mario/Maya who ejected. They would pursue the cockpit only to find that they switch to the Sougetsu. Carly would lose the upper hand and become critically injured forcing her to retreat.

Magdala would be sortie again during the battle over the Pacific this time equipped with a Float Unit. Again to attack both Britannia and Black Knights to search for her nephew/niece. She would successfully destroy Aroundight and capture Mario/Maya.

Carly would pilot Magdala to pursue Mario/Maya who was Assaulting the Geass Order with the rest of the Zero Squad. She would disable Kumei Sougetsu capturing Mario/Maya.

Magdala final sortie would be during Mario/Maya escape who was piloting DMX-V01. Carly would gain the upper hand. Before she would finish them off she was interrupted by Sapphire Kalas and Claudio S. Darlton who were pursuing the Magdala. She would easily defeat Claudio and engage Sapphire. Before she could finish Sapphire off, she was interrupted by Mario/Maya who controls and functions of DMX-V01. With the assistance of Sapphire, Mario/Maya would successfully destroy the Magdala and seemly kill Carly in the process.