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Lord John

Lord John (藩主ジョン, Hanshu Jon) is a character appearing in the manga, Nightmare of Nunnally, he is always seen near King Henry VI. He is last seen declaring that C.C. is a witch and carrying out her execution.

He may be John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford, who was Henry V's brother and Henry VI's Senior Regent, and primarily responsible for the English war effort in France. He died in 1435, four years after the burning of Joan of Arc.


John 2

Lord John ordering the execution for C.C.

In the manga Lord John is an aide for Henry VI, behaving in a manner consistent with his possible position as Senior Regent. He shows no apparent emotion when informing CC of the death of Henry and his replacement by 'Edward IV' (of unknown provenance), or in sentencing her to death for witchcraft. If he is indeed John of Lancaster, then that would point towards his involvement in the King's death, leaving the way clear for him to take the throne.


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