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Ground Combat Command Battleship


Chinese Federation
The Order of the Black Knights
United Federation of Nations


Chinese Federation


200 meters estimated

Propulsion Engine

Conventional Tread / Float System


2x Superheavy Artillery Cannons
13x Secondary Cannons

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frame
Four Knighmare Launch Catapults

Number of Crew

1x Commander
Several Drivers
Several Groundsmen
Few Hundred Soldiers
Few Hundred Engineers
Thousands of Gun-Ru Pilots


High Eunuchs, Chinese Military, Black Knights

The Longdan (竜胆/龍蛋, Rindou, lit. Gentiana or Dragon Egg) is pyramid-shaped land-cruising mobile fortress controlled by the Chinese Federation, capable of deploying dozens of Gun-Ru Knightmares. It has two large cannons and thirteen smaller cannons. Certain models are equipped with tank treads for land mobility, while others have hover systems to levitate across bodies of water, as seen during the liberation of Japan by the UFN forces. The Longdan's large cannons are comparable with the real-world Schwerer Gustav guns, which were used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War and pretty much serve the same role as their main guns can destroy most knightmare frame that get within firing range.

Design and Specifications[]

Longdan army formation

Longdan Battle Formation

The Longdan serves the same role as the Britannian G-1 Base and that is to serve as a mobile operational base for the chinese military, but the Longdan have one major difference is that they are able to operate in the frontline unlike their G-1 counterpart that are always deployed behind the front. The Longdan serves as not only as the army mobile base but as a mobile artillery piece. Usually when deployed the Longdan serves as the centerpiece of a formation. Supporting the ground forces but usually Gun-Rus with both command and artillery support.

Not much is known about the interior of the Longdan but what is known is that there's a control room located somewhere in the center of the fortress which has a large table monitor in the middle that can display battlefield situation and is used to monitor the battlefield and coordinate army during battles. It also has many computers and consoles as well and it's where soldiers go to drive and monitor the Longdon. On the outside lie two large cannons to offer long range artillery strike to and smaller guns as secondary.

The Longdan not only serves as battleship but also as a carrier they not only able carry troops but also possesses four launch Catapult in the Bow, Stern, Port and Starboard. Not much is known how many Gun-rus the land battleship can carry but seeing the large size it probably around a couple of dozens.

Operational History[]

The Longdan first appears during the Battle at Xiaopei where it commands the Chinese Federation forces during the battle after it was captured by Chinese Federation loyalists from Li Xingke and his rebel forces. It oversees the battle and later arrives at the Mausoleum of Eighty-Eight Emperors where it also oversees the battle there and open fires on the Shen Hu after the Shinkiro protects it from loyalist forces and is later damaged by the Shen Hu when its used to break a hole in the command center so that Xingke can enter and execute all of the High Eunuchs. Later on, it's sued by the Black Knights as part of the military force for the United Federation of Nations and appears during the Kagoshima Settlement Battle as part of the main invasion force.


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