Logres-class Floating Battleship

Britannian Air Force

Logres-class Floating Battleship


Aviation Large Floating Ship


Holy Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Float System


Twelve single-gun turrets

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frame
Blaze Luminous


General Upson
Charles zi Britannia
Monica Krushevsky
Royal Guard
Nunnally vi Britannia

The Logres-class Floating Battleship (ログレス級浮遊航空艦 Roguresu-Kyū Fuyū-Koukūkan) is a line of Britannian aerial battleships, characterized by its enormous size, white color scheme and a pair of large wings.

Design and SpecificationEdit

Vehicle - Logres class Flying Battleship - A
A dereviative of the Avalon, it addresses many of the weak points of its predecessor, which was initially inefficient for Knightmare battles. It has increased defensive power, a larger crew, additional Knightmare storage, as well as increased firepower and launching capabilities in the form of twelve gun turrets, an unknown number of smaller point defense turrets and two catapults, deploying VTOL gunships (presumably, as the Caerleon does so) and flight-capable knightmares. It is named after Logres, the name of King Arthur's realm in the Matter of Britain. The Logres-class are usually utilized as flagships for higher ranked Britannians, who seem to enjoy increased luxury and comfort; for example, some of them have private gardens placed behind the bridge for VIPs.

Perhaps the most famous Logres-class in existence is the Great Britannia, the personal flagship of Emperor Charles zi Britannia. It is used by the Emperor for travel to Area 11, in which it makes berth at Kamine Island. At the time, it was under the command of Knight of Twelve, Monica Krushevsky, and also contained the Royal Guard and their knightmares.

Despite their size and firepower, the Logres class is not a particularly resilient vehicle. In R2 episode 6, a small number of Black Knights knightmares are able to disable the Logres carrying Nunnally (and its four Caerleon escorts), despite its firepower, gunship compliment, outside assistance, and its Blaze Luminous energy shield. The failure of the shield can be explained by the knightmares having gotten inside its area of effect before the shield was activated (dropping from Chinese VTOLs hiding inside the smoke cloud). The failure of the CIWS turrets to engage the attackers can be explained in part by the smoke (which was shown to interfere with a gunship's sensors) and the fact that the knightmares dropped directly on top of them. All the same, it took relatively little firepower (that of the knightmares plus Upson's own-goal with the railgun) to disable the float engines. All-in-all this suggests that the Logres-class' defences are optimized against long-ranged attacks, while relying on gunships and knightmares to deal with anything that gets too close.


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