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Liu Sou (劉蒼 Ryusou) is a character from the game Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code. He is one of the central characters of the Code Geass: Crimson of the Blood Pact storyline.



Character History[]

Crimson of the Blood Pact[]

Genesic Re;Code[]


Touhou Soryu[]

Liu Sou's Knightmare, Touhou Soryu, is a shield that has the ability to redirect any attack, and in any direction that he chooses.



  • As the founder and first Emperor of the Han Dynasty, he is likely based off of the historical figure of Liu Bang, also known as Emperor Gaozu of Han. Both were born in Chu, served as a Qin official before rebelling against them, and then becoming the new Emperor of the new Han Dynasty after Qin's overthrow.
  • Oddly, although he is officially stated to be the ancestor of Li Xingke, he doesn't seem to have had any children with Kigisu before either of their deaths in the story.