Episode Order Target Notes
Season 1
1 "Die." A squad of Royal Guard soldiers.
2 "Get down from there." Villetta Nu Fails, as Lelouch did not make eye contact.
"Give me your Knightmare." Villetta Nu
To let Lelouch pass into Clovis' base. Unnamed male guard in front of Clovis' apartment.
3 To answer Lelouch's questions about Marianne's death:
"By whose hand was she slain?"
Clovis la Britannia
To answer Lelouch's questions about Shinjuku. Kallen Kozuki
"Forget about Shinjuku." Kallen Kozuki Fails due to the usage limit
"Go back to class." Kallen Kozuki Fails due to the usage limit
"Teacher, please tell me the answers for tomorrow's test." Unnamed male teacher
"Teacher, please tell me the answers for tomorrow's test." The same unnamed male teacher Fails due to the usage limit
To play the recording of Zero's message to Kallen at an indicated time. Sayoko Shinozaki Geassed offscreen
4 To make the Zero costume, destroy the evidence and forget everything about it. Unnamed male artificer Geassed offscreen some time prior to the episode
"Do everything in your power to let us go, your prisoner too." Jeremiah Gottwald
5 To make a cross-shaped mark on the wall every day at a specific time. Unnamed female Ashford Academy student The last mark is shown unfinished in R2, because all former students apart from the student council were transferred. According to supplemental materials, she still attempts to follow the Geass even when separated from the school, but fails due to the distance involved.
6 "Forget what you just saw." Two unnamed female Ashford Academy students
7 "I'd like to borrow your Sutherland, so hand it over." Unnamed Sutherland pilot
To give Lelouch's walkie-talkie to other rebels. Unnamed rebel
8 "Die." Kusakabe and (offscreen) the rest of his group
9 "You're tired of beating up elevens now, aren't you?" Unnamed Britannians bullying an Eleven hotdog seller
10 "Ignore any unusual activity during your watch." Unnamed watchers from the Japan Liberation Front
12 Unknown, presumably to let him pass discreetly. Unnamed guard at Kyoto
14 To let Lelouch and C.C. "sanitize" (search) her room Sophie Wood Geassed offscreen
To forget that Lelouch exists. Shirley Fenette
15 "Don't go! C.C., remain at my side." C.C. Fails because C.C. is immune to Geass
To confront Mao, hold him at gunpoint, shoot him if he tries to expose Lelouch's identity to them, and escort him and C.C. to safety. Unnamed police forces. Geassed offscreen
16 To forget about telling Suzaku to sneak into the church and disable the bomb while Lelouch distracts Mao. Himself Geassed offscreen
"Never speak again!" Mao
18 "Live!" Suzaku Kururugi It chronologically happens in this episode, but the wording of the Geass is only revealed in the next one in a flashback.
22 "Go home." Unnamed Britannian noble's bodyguard.
"...kill all the Japanese..." Euphemia li Britannia Geassed unintentionally due to V.V. causing Lelouch to gain a Runaway Geass.
24 To disable Cornelia at a critical moment. Andreas Darlton Geassed offscreen
To sabotage the supporting structure of Tokyo Settlement. Unnamed operators Geassed offscreen
25 To answer Lelouch's questions about Marianne's death. Cornelia li Britannia
Season 2
1 "Die." Squad of unnamed soldiers
2 "Give me your Knightmare." Unnamed Sutherland pilot
To please Zero in every way. Gao Hai Geassed offscreen
3 To set off the fire alarm at a designated time. Unknown man in the shop
To be his slave, so he can only relay misinformation about C.C. to Villetta's team. The spy who was following him in the shop Geassed offscreen
4 To sabotage the platform under the execution site. The policeman who helped him get Rivalz' bike back. Geassed offscreen
Very complicated orders ("...and if he moves in pattern sigma...") on dealing with his and Rolo's Knightmares that eventually resulted in Lelouch getting an opportunity to block a shot aimed at Rolo. David T. Darlton Partially shown in a flashback
5 Delete all irregular data relating to Rolo and Lelouch. Unnamed male teacher
"Employ system pattern rouge." Unnamed male student
6 "Die." Unnamed guards on the airship
Presumably to ensure his reunion with Nunnally not be disturbed. Unnamed guard on the airship Geassed offscreen
"Die." Unnamed guards on the airship
7 Various humiliating commands. Group of Eleven bullies
9 To tell him everything about the plans of Xingke's splinter group. Unnamed Chinese soldier Geassed offscreen
12 To give Lelouch his hat back. Meeya I. Hillmick
13 To attempt to keep Jeremiah out of the station. Unnamed guards Geassed offscreen
To obey his orders, so they can install the Gefjun Disturber on the train. Unnamed technicians Geassed offscreen
"Don't die." Shirley Fenette The command takes effect due to previous use of Geass Canceler, but she is physically unable to follow it and dies
"I order you not to die!" Shirley Fenette Fails due to usage limit; apparently ordered at least twice.
15 "Die." Charles zi Britannia Succeeds, but his death forces V.V. to pass on his code to him, which allows him to recover, and become immortal and immune to Geass.
17 To recognize Lelouch as Cornelia when he assumes a certain pose. Gilbert G.P. Guilford Geassed offscreen prior to the episode
20 To obey Lelouch's orders. Unnamed Britannian soldiers Geassed offscreen
"From now on, all of you do as I please!" Unnamed Britannian soldiers, along with Fayer
21 "Don't stop the forward march of time!" Charles's "gods", the collective unconsciousness of humanity Takes effect when Lelouch's Geass extends to both eyes.
"Acknowledge me as your Emperor!". People present in the throne room, including Odysseus eu Britannia
22 "Be my slaves... NOW!" Unnamed soldiers in the throne room
24 To obey Zero. Unnamed Damocles Guards
"You shall serve Zero." Schneizel el Britannia
25 "Give me the key of Damocles." Nunnally vi Britannia
To permanently exist as Zero. Suzaku Kururugi Not an actual order, but followed and treated as such; Lelouch's final request.

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Season 1

Season 2

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