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Land Battleship


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia


400-500 meters estimated

Propulsion Engine

Conventional Treads


14x CIWS
3x 24-tube Missile Launchers
3x Stern-mounted
Superheavy Artillery Cannons
1x Hull-mounted Battery Cannon
1x Bridge-mounted DEW

Special Equipment

2x APS
6x ECM
6x Radars
4x Air Intakes
1x Camera (rear)
2x Camera/Sensor (rear under part)

Number of Crew

1x Commander
Dozen Drivers
Dozen Groundsmen
Few Thousand Soldiers
Several Hundred Engineers


Gene Smilas

The Leviathan is a gargantuan Land Battleship and the flagship used by the Europian Army to combat against the military of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Design and Specifications[]

The Leviathan is a massive Land Battleship with a completely unique design in contrast to its smaller peers. It spots multiple VLRS, CIWS and various land-based naval guns to completely flatten a battlefield.

In contrast to the Britannian G-1 Base which is more of a rearward command centre and mobile headquarters, the Leviathan finds itself more comfortable on the frontlines backed by a fleet of lesser Giant-class and Medium Type-class Land Battleships.

This behemoth is one of the largest ground vehicles ever made in Code Geass, let alone in the United Republic of Europia, dwarfing everything around it. Despite its immense firepower and defenses, it proved vulnerable against Knightmare boarding.


  • If one were to roughly scale the Leviathan with the human and knightmare model from the sketch. One could deduce that the Leviathan is somewhere of around 400-500 meters in length, making it the single largest land-based vehicle in Code Geass.
    • To give a sense of scale. Its tracks would be tall enough to run over a three story building.


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