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I am conscious of my status Sayoko-san, as the prince whose mother was killed by…his father, the emperor of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia, and all that goes with it.

—Lelouch speaking to Sayoko

Lelouch vi Britannia (ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア, Rurūshu vui Buritania) is a main character in Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. He goes missing at the start of the story, and it is later revealed that he is the violent terrorist Zero that has been leading the Black Knights.


Lelouch is a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes, which he inherited from his mother. Lelouch is somewhat scrawny, having little muscle, and like most characters in the series, is rather thin. In spite of this, Lelouch is considerably tall.


Like he main counterpart, Lelouch holds a deep hatred towards Britannia for his past. However, compared to his counterpart Lelouch is more brutal and unforgiving, not only killing Clovis, but even using his blood to leave cryptic message. He is also more manipulative and callous, intentionally leaking information and funds to Kusakabe in order to engineer the hotel jacking and demonstrate his abilities, despite knowing that innocent people would die.

Despite his bravado, Lelouch seems himself as weak for hiding from Britannia.


See: Lelouch vi Britannia#Character Outline

Suzaku, Nunnally, and Lelouch before the war (NoN)

Suzaku, Nunnally and Lelouch before the war.

Lelouch was a Prince and a son of Emperor Charles zi Britannia and imperial consort Marianne vi Britannia. When his mother was assassinated and his sister Nunnally left paraplegic and blind in the same incident, Lelouch confronted his father about the murder, leading both Lelouch and Nunnally to be exiled to Japan as political prisoners.

They then went on to live in Kururugi residence, though they really lived in a storehouse on the residence. Upon arriving, Lelouch lied about the condition of the place they were staying, but was called out by Suzaku Kururugi, leading to a one sided fight between the 2; however, Nunnally tried to intervene offering to let Suzaku beat her up instead. Upon noticing Nunnally's condition, Suzaku realized why Lelouch lied and fled in embarrassment. While at the Kururugi residence, Lelouch had refused to accept any help from servants, being insistent on doing everything himself.

Some time after settling in, Lelouch arrived back at the storehouse to seen Suzaku admonishing Kaguya for bullying Nunnally. Lelouch, joingit he conversation adds in that all because the Sumeragi family got more powerful due to the ability to mine of Sakuradite, she should get a big head. THis leads Suzaku to point out the theivery and forceful expansion of Britannia to which Lelouch agrees before asking them both to leave.

Lelouch and Nunnally becomes friends with Suzaku (NoN)

Lelouch and Nunnally becomes friends with Suzaku.

Some time later, Nunnally disappears and Lelouch is desperate to look for her. He runs it no Suzaku and while he initially blames him for taking Nunnally, Suzaku convinces him to stop being stubborn before leaving. Lelouch later encounters a green haired woman who tells him where Suzaku and Nunnally were, leading him to finding and rescuing them before taking them back home. Leleouch is there when Nunnaly waks up and thtwo go to see Suzaku on her request. Nunnally thanks him for protecting her and as Lelouch tell Suzaku off, Suzaku begins crying and apologizes to Lelouch, having heard everything from Nunnally. The three become proper friends from this event and begin to play together regularly.

Shortly before the invasion of Japan, Genbu captured both Lelouch and Nunnally and ties them up in a the basement. Lelouch was unconsious for the events of Genbu's death, having no knowledge of what occured.

Character History[]

The day before the start of the story, Nunnally makes Lelouch a paper crane as a keepsake and the two pinkie promise to go shopping the next day so she can pick out a birthday present or him. As he leaves, Sayako informs him that She had offered to go with Nunnally, but she was insistent on going with Lelouch. She then reminds him that his gambling is unfitting of his royal status, but Lelouch clarifies that he already knows.

The following day, Lelouch has a chess match against a Britannian nobleman, defeating him in 15 minutes. When Rivalz asks him how he won, Lelouch comments that his opponent mistook Britannia's strength for his own and assumed his victory was assured, so he was apathetic. He then gets a call from Nunnally reminding them about their trip, but assures her that he will get home in time by cutting through the Shinjuku Ghetto.

Lelouch discovers C.C

Lelouch discovering C.C. and Nemo.

As Lelouch walks through the ghetto, he contemplates that state of things, mentally admonishing Britannia for their greed and the Japanese for being too weak to fight back. Lelouch then narrowly avoids a truck that crashes into a nearby building. Upon going to check if the driver was okay, large capsule falls out of the truck and opens, revealing a bound girl and a doll-like object. He attempts to help the girl, but is cornered by Britannian military, but before they fire, they are made to retreat. Nagata then get out of the truck and explains that they stole her believing her to be poison gas. Nagata and Lelouch then realize that the forces retreated because Britannia is planning to destroy the ghetto. As the bombs begin dropping, Lelouch desperately tries to flee with the girl, but is unable to escape the destruction. As he is about to be crushed, the symbol on the girl’s head suddenly lights up.

The first appearance of Zero (NoN)

The First Appearance of Zero.

After Clovis retreats, following his forces being decimated by Nemo, Zero suddenly breaks into his private quarters. Clovis tries to shoot him, but the bullets bounce off the armor and Zero introduces himself before kills Clovis, leaving the message “天誅” (“Tenchu”, literally meaning “Wrath of Heaven”) in Clovis’s blood.

Zero swears to deliver justice

Zero swears to deliver justice.

Zero later contacts member of the Kuzuki group and has them meet him at an abandoned building where he aplauds their abilities and tells them threat they share the same goal: the annihilation of the Britannian empire. He later invites them to a double decker truck that serves as their base. When Questioned by Oghi, Zero assures him that he has explained a demonstration of his ability that will also gain Kyoto's support. When Kallen is wrapped up the the hotel hijacking, Zero sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate his ability and informs Ohgi that they will be heading to lake Kawaguchi, swearing to deliver justice.

Zero's Annuncement (NoN)

Zero declares war.

Zero goes to negotiate alone, assuring Oghi that there is a path available for him, and takes a bomb with him as insurance. When Nunnally starts lamenting her lack of power, a visage of Lelouch appears in reminds her of the power Nemo granted her her, telling her that even if the powers work off he negative emotions, they still belong to her. As helicopters arrive, Zero appears before the hostages and explains that its a trap before activate a smoke machine. Claiming to be with the Empire's swat team, Zero instructs all the hostages to come with him before handing Kallen a briefcase with a new uniform and instructions. When she asks what he plans to do, Zero states that he still has things to take care of a disappears. Zero is then seen approaching Kusakabe, mocking him before his failure. Kusakabe then realizes that zero was on the one who gave him information about the hotel and the funds for the attack. Zero then pulls a gun on the man. After killing Kusakabe, Zero exits the building and activates the explosive that his team planted. After the building is destroyed, Zero hijacks all frequencies in order to announce himself and the black knights. Revealing that he had saved all the hostages, he then declares that the black knights will declare war on those who oporess the weak.

Following Cornelia's announcement that she will attack the ghetto, Kaguya, on a video call, questions if Zero is prepared and he assures her that with her help, they have chance at victory and claims to have already made a contract with the devil.

With his new abilities, Lelouch forms a different Black Knights and leads them directly in battle instead of planning strategies from the rear, though his fighting ability allows him to achieve the same ends. Lelouch's fighting skills are impressive as his fighting style matches that of Suzaku's.

This the story continues upon a similar vein anime series until its revealed that Lelouch had a twin brother named Rolo who is the Cardinal of the Geass Order. After revealing himself, Rolo takes Nunnally captive and prepares to burn her as a witch. In order to save her life, Lelouch, Suzaku and Alice join forces to free her. At the conclusion of the story, Lelouch inherits C.C.'s name and immortality, becoming C.C. The Demon King and goes forth to spread Geass and to promote conflict around the world.

The Lancelot stopping Zero (NoN)

The Lancelot stopping Zero.

As the battle begins, Zero is initially commanding from the backlines, but as Cornelia tries to call her troops back, he destroys the bridge, seperating Cornelia from her forces. He then appears before her. When Zero it attack by Guilford and Darlton, he immediatly drains the knightmares of their power and moves past them. He announces himself and states that while he will bring death to Britannia, he will let Cornelia live to answer his questions. HE then removes the power from her knightmare as well. Cornelia escapes her knightmare and states that she wont give him any information, but Zero clarifies that he wants information about the emperor and his knights. Cornelia mocks him for thinking he can oppose the emperor and attempts to kill herself before he can capture her, but the Lancelot then appears and throws Zero into some machinery. As Zero stand up Cornelia notes that he should be dead. Suzaku then notes that his abilities are like that of a knightmare and the two begin their duel. During their duel, Zero attempts to depower the Lancelot, but the Lancelot block him with Blaze Luminous shields. Suzaku then attempts to cut Zero with the Maser Vibration Sword, but Zero stops the vibration. Zero then realizes that the enemy pilot is a wired geass user. He decides to fight with his fully power, but suddenly senses, Nunnally and Nemo in trouble and decides to leave.

Zero flies away (NoN)

Zero flies away.

After C.C. as Zero, rescues Nunnally and Nemo, Lelouch approaches Nunnally in her dream at the Aries Villa, he wars her that if Zero hadn't steppe din, she would have died, but Nunnally says that with her geass, she can change the future. Lelouch states that Eden Vital is showing her the future and it might not be telling the truth before warning her that abusing something so unreliable could cost her her life. HE then reveals himself as Zero and tells her to not come to the battlefield again. HE promises to build the peaceful world she wishes for before growing a pair of wings and flying away.

After the battle, Oghi gives Lelouch a report about a drug circulating in the Ghetto that causes people to recall pleasant memories. Zero reveals that he already knows about it and orders Oghi to investigate it while he personally deals with the special unit. Later on, as Mao dies, Zero takes not of Alice's geass, believing it to have promise despite being artificial.


Nunnally vi Britannia[]

Lelouch cares deeply for his sister. When he thought he was going to die, his last thought were of her.

This care for her still lives on as Zero, such as when he abandoned his fight with Suzaku in favor of rescuing Nunnally from the Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion and warned her to stay away from the conflict.

Charles vi Britannia[]

Lelouch blames his father for his mother’s death.



Lelouch receives a different Geass ability in the Nightmare of Nunnally spin-off series as a result of his near-death during the Britannian attempt to recapture C.C. Instead of the ability to control others, he receives invulnerability granted through a suit of black armour, transforming into a more heavily armored version of Zero. In the armor, Lelouch can fight on par with multiple Knightmares in single combat. As in the original series, C.C. often serves as his body double, but here is able to manifest the same Geass ability and fight on the same level as Lelouch.

The ability of Lelouch's armor functions almost the same as a Knightmare Frame, such as his cape which can create multiple sharp black whips similar to the Mark Nemo's Blonde Knives. Another ability it possesses is a system called D.O.M. Hostia or the D.O.M. system, which has the ability to control and disable a Knightmare. He also has the ability to summon his own personal Knightmare Frame, Gawain.

Dream Walking[]

Lelouch seems to have the ability to enter Nunnally' s dreams in order to communicate with her.

Code of Immortality[]

It is a mark that makes one completely immortal incapable of dying. Lelouch obtained it after the death of C.C.


  • When Lelouch went missing, his status made launching an official investigation impossible, so Milly crafted a story about him being enrolled in an exchange program back in Brittania.


  • "In the end, the empire only feeds on its conquered territories to fatten its own might and wealth, nothing more. Elevens too, are used to being conquered. Only weak fools who repeat small acts of meaningless terrorism over and over again.”
  • "I am Zero. Born to turn your Britannia empire into nothing."
  • "I am the leader of the Black Knights. Zero! I am the Black Demon King that will bring death to Britannia!"