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Ledo Offen (レド・オフェン) is a young man assigned by Prince Schneizel to serve under Suzaku's command. Contrary to Schnee, he judges people by their merits. Ledo is interested in Suzaku's past and believes that there was a reason why an Honorary Britannian like Suzaku became a Knight of the Round.


Ledo is a young man with fair brown skin and red eyes. His dark hair is cut with a few shorter bangs in front, then a few bangs reaching to his chin, and the rest of his hair reaches past his shoulders. He usually wears a similar military uniform and cape as Schnee. The uniform consists of white pants and a light blue coat with the same golden emblem as the Knights of the Round have on the upper part of the left sleeve. He also wears the same black gloves and boots as the Rounds, along with a blue cape worn over one shoulder and held in place by a golden braid.


Ledo is said to have a hard time showing his emotions which leads to him always appearing calm. He is capable of being both cunning and perceptive, and he seems to value people by merits rather than race or status. He thinks it's better to do anything to survive rather than to die for honor. He prefers to strategize rather than rushing ahead, and is quite cynical. Ledo will do whatever the mission demands of him, be it kill innocents or spy on his superior officer, as long as it gets the mission finished.

However, despite the fact that he considers himself capable of betraying anyone for a mission, the thought of actually doing so bothers him to the point that he considers himself a street rat unworthy of love. Furthermore, to some extent he symphatises with the Eleven rebels he fights against and thinks that the reason they fight is out of desperation, like Ledo himself did as a child. He can even be very reckless when it comes to protecting the people he cares about.

Pre Lancelot & Guren[]

At a young age Ledo would be sold off by his own mother forcing him to become a prostitute for noblemen. In order to survive, he sold information from the noblemen to people who desired such information like arms deals. To achieve this, he would gather other prostitute boys and form a information ring earning him the nickname Shadow Venom, a title he became unaware of. One day a unknown assailant attacked him due too one of Ledo's clients learning that he sold information he gave him. the assailant revealed his so called friends betrayed him. As soon the assailant was about to kill him, he is saved by Kanon Maldini. When question why Kanon saved him. He was told due too him helping getting rid of corrupt noblemen. Kanon offered Ledo a deal to work under him, he would accept with out hesitation. Ledo would rise through the ranks. During his academy days he would befriend Schnee Hexenhaus and both of them would join the Royal Guards.

Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren[]

Ledo first appears in the manga together with Schnee as they watch Suzaku's appointment to Knight of Seven and, the next day, how he fights off the people who'd come to challenge him for the title. Some time after that, Prince Schneizel assigns him and Schnee to serve as knights under Suzaku upon Suzaku's return from St. Petersburg. Suzaku then names his squad - consisting of Ledo and Schnee - the Konoe Knights, after which they get sent to fight on the front in Belarus.

Ledo participates in a battle alongside Schnee and Suzaku, which they win largely thanks to Suzaku.

Afterwards, the three of them get sent to fight against Europian forces in Poland. Those forces turn out to be former Euro-Britannians, but they defeat them all the same. Ledo also accompanies Suzaku to a battle in France, but Suzaku orders him to deal with the coastline guard while Suzaku single-handedly takes out the main enemy force. Some time after that, Ledo, Schnee and Suzaku fight off a sudden terrorist attack in Idaho. Suzaku's next assigment after that is in Area 11, and Ledo and Schnee see him off at the airport before getting a new assignment to test some float units for Lloyd.

Ledo is reveled to be underorders Kanon to keep Suzaku under surveillance and learn more about him.


In Lancelot and Guren Ledo would push Schnee out of the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion sacrificing his life to save Schnee.

In Lost Stories however would recon this event as Ledo would not participle in the battle and would gather information on Suzaku and pass it on to Schnee before saying goodbye and dying in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion.


Suzaku Kururugi[]

Ledo is fascinated by Suzaku's unbelievable ability to survive seemingly anything, and wants to know more about him.

Schnee Hexenhaus[]

The two of them are introduced together and seem to be friends even then. Ledo frequently teases Schnee and tells him not to be careless in battle. Ledo cares deeply about Schnee to the point where Ledo would in Lancelot and Guren sacrifice his life to save Schnee by pushing him out the way. While in Lost Stories before dying pass on information about Suzaku to Schnee.

Kanon Maldini[]

Kanon saved Ledo at a young age and offered him to work under him. Ledo would directly report him about Suzaku's activities. In public they would try to not arouse suspicion that he reported too him. It's unknown of Kanon mourn Ledo's death.