The Landspinner Propulsion System is essentially a set of wheels that can be attached to the back of each heel of a Knightmare frame's foot. The Black Knights' Knightmare models have designed them to be folded into back of the leg, while Britannian types of models traditionally fold them beside the leg. When a Float System is attached, these are folded or removed, typically they are left on so that they can be used as brakes when landing. Since the legs and the landspinners themselves can each pivot, these can be used to move off the ground using the surrounding surfaces as points of contact. Skilled pilots such as Kallen Kozuki, are able to be balanced even along the thin tether of another Knightmare Frame's Slash Harken.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Lancelot Albion - Landspinner Climbing.png
Landspinner and Harken Tether.png
Landspinner Accelerator.png
Knightmare Catapult - Landspinner.png
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