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The Lancelot siN White Fang is the Lancelot siN equipped with its Frame Coat.

Design and Development[]

The White Fang, acting as the siN's Frame Coat, is heavily armed and well-armored. For movement, it uses the Energy Wing System, similar to the Knightmare it carries. Like the siN, the Fang's Energy Wings can fire crystalline energy bolts. For defense, it carries a Blaze Luminous generator to shield the entirety of its form. Most notably, it carries a new, experimental weapon system called the "Arondight Maxima". This armament is capable of generating thunder bolts to destroy dozens of targets at once.

Operational History[]

This unit was piloted into battle by Suzaku to battle Zilkhstan's main military force. Using the White Fang's superior firepower, Suzaku easily gained the upper hand. However, due to Queen Shamna using her Geass to foresee her enemies' plans, when the battle is repeated, Shalio is sent to intercept Suzaku. In this instance, Shalio gets the upper hand, taking advantage of the White Fang's prodigious weight and size using the Nagid Shu Mane's superior speed and maneuverability to pummel at the Frame Coat with hit-and-run attacks, eventually bringing it down. In the end, Suzaku is forced to self-destruct the Frame Coat and release the Lancelot siN itself to defeat Shalio.



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