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The Lancelot siN (ランスロットsiN), codenamed "White Fang", is the successor to the Lancelot Albion that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design & Development[]

The newest Lancelot model, it was designed to go back to the point of being a leading weapon. The name and the design of the Lancelot were known around the world as the favorite machine of Suzaku who served the evil Emperor Lelouch, so it had a bad reputation. However, because the machine's performance as a leading weapon was appreciated, development went underway under the "White Fang" development code. After that, it was authorized to be built by adding "siN" (as in the word "sin") to the Lancelot name. There are rumors that a certain head of a private company was involved in the development, but it is not clear.


High mobility driving wheels equipped on the legs.

A multi-information gathering system equipped in the head.

An experimental, high-performance Float System. The defining feature of a 9th generation KMF, besides enabling ultra high-speed flight, it can also fire blade-like particles as a weapon.

  • Cockpit

A new type of cockpit improved from the Albion's.

  • Cocoon

A new device and one of the biggest features of the machine, equipped from the left shoulder to part of the arm. It's a huge battery that can deploy a physical defensive barrier in place of the energy hungry Blaze Luminous. Therefore, it significantly extends the machine's operation time.

A system that projects energy in the form of shields around a nearby target. The amount of energy required to maintain the shields is proportional to the amount of energy being blocked by the shields. This system is most often used on the siN's forearm.

  • Frame Coat

A multipurpose tactical module for the siN. Once docked, the machine is designated as the Lancelot siN White Fang.


Following the Lancelot line's design, 1 is equipped on each hip and 1 on the tip of each forearm.

The successor to the "Super V.A.R.I.S.", and another of the biggest features of the machine, it incorporates technology from the the Black Knights. The Hadron Mode from the Albion's Super V.A.R.I.S. was omitted, leaving it with only 2 firing modes: Normal Mode and Full Burst Mode. When not in use, it's stored in its compact mount state on the waist Slash Harken's hardpoint. 

A new model of MVS that is stored in a compact state inside each forearm armor piece. It can also be used while in its deactivated compact state inside the forearm armor by extending the tip of the sword. When handheld, the separated parts converge and it turns red as with the old models.

Operational History[]

It was delivered to Zilkhstan via aerial transport and then used in conjunction with its Frame Coat to lay destruction to the hopeless enemy KMF division stationed in the desert. The massacre only ended when Shalio appeared piloting the Nagid Shu Mane to hold Suzaku off. Unfortunately, Suzaku could not keep up with the Nagid Shu Mane's mobility and he was forced to purge the Frame Coat to fight on more equal terms. Their fight lasted for hours, and an exhausted Suzaku could finally defeat Shalio only when he went berserk over the loss of his sister and country as the sun rose over Zilkhstan.



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