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The Lancelot HighGrail is the upgraded Lancelot Grail and the personal Knightmare of Oldrin Zevon.

Design and Development[]

The renovated Lancelot Grail as part of the "Emerald Plan". Built using the Vincent Gram's feedback, framework and OS making it the first hybrid model between Lancelot and Vincent. The new head is equipped with the mutual information link VTDS (Vates Tactical Data System), and both shoulders now have built-in Float Units. The original Schrötter Steel Swords have been replaced with new Schrötter Steel Trans Swords, which have been refined from the original concept. Though now fewer in number, they can still be used as Sword Harkens while mounted and be powered by the arm-built Blaze Luminous Generators, as per its pilot's wishes. These new swords can also now be connected to one another, and by using the Sword Harken mechanism they can be used as whip-like swords.


Lancelot HighGrail Air Cavalry[]

Lancelot HighGrail Chariot[]

Lancelot HighGrail Valkyrie[]



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Slash Harkens

Optional Armaments

  • 4x Schrötter Steel Trans Swords


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