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The Lancelot Club (or simply "Club" for short) is a seventh generation Knightmare Frame built by Lloyd Asplund and tuned specifically to its intended pilot, Rai (the protagonist of the video game Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Lost Colors.) In a sense, it is Lancelot's lesser sister unit. Like the original Lancelot, its design would go on to lead to the development of the RPI-212 Vincent, Britannia's mass production seventh generation Knighmare.

Design and Specifications[]

The Club was built using spare parts from the Lancelot and some experimental components while having a Sutherland as a base. The application of Sakuradite was restricted due to a shortage of budget, so its performance does not match that of the Lancelot's even though it is superior to the Sutherland's. Still, because it is adjusted to be quite peaky, nobody besides Rai is able to properly handle it.

The Club was modulated to meet with Rai's high commanding abilities and his tactics of dispersing the enemy units in order to force them into one-on-one combat. It is equipped with a pair of Short Sword-type MVS that can combine into a single dual-bladed MVS Lance, enhanced Factspheres, the same forearm-mounted Slash Harken/Blaze Luminous combo unit found in the Lancelot, and a customized Assault Rifle that can changed into a "sniping-mode". In this mode, both the barrel size and range of the weapon are greatly increased, but it becomes incapable of burst fire. also, because its use requires an increase in the sensitivity of the Factsphere Sensors, the Club's energy consumption becomes 15 times greater.

The Knight of Nine, Nonette Enneagram uses a customized Lancelot Club as her personal Knightmare Frame. The Lance-type MVS have been replaced with sword-types, and it has Core Luminous Cone generators on both of its arms. It also wields a jousting lance. It has been modified for close-combat. In Lost Stories Nonette sometimes mention that she admit that the Club is merely being loaned to her from Camelot and express desire of wanting to return the Lancelot Club.


Lancelot Club[]

Lancelot Club

General Characteristics

Design Features


Optional Armaments

Lancelot Club Nonette Version[]

General Characteristics

  • Crew: One
  • Height: 4.49 meters
  • Weight: 6.89 metric tonnes
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive,Energy Filler

Design Features


  • 2x Maser Vibration Swords (メーザー バイブレーション ソード, Mēzā Baiburēshon Sōdo)
  • 2x Luminous Cone Generators
  • 1x Jousting Lance


Code Geass Lost Colors - Lancelot Club Launch

Lancelot Club launch sequence



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