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The Lancelot Albion Zero is variant of the Lancelot Albion that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection movie trailer. Would appear in Code Geass; Lelouch of the Re;surrection manga

Design and Development[]

Understanding that despite there is peace there would be small conflicts around the world. Zero would require a knightmare frame to deal with the situation. Schneizel and Kaguya would argue that Zero would need a machine to deal with conflicts when necessary. While Zero would argue that it was not necessary to have such machine for Zero worrying it would giving the Black Knights too much influence around the world. Despite his wishes Schneizel would ask Rakshata to build the Lancelot Albion Zero in secret in case of emergency. Using parts developed in Britannia under Emperor Lelouch's reign, it is constructed under Rakshata for research purposes. Improved from the original version, it is stated to be equal to the Guren SEITEN Eight Elements.

Operational History[]

Its first deployment happened when the Japan Revolutionary Army  ( a remnant of the Japan Liberation Front ) led by Major Bandou Shin occupied the Shinagawa Seaside Airport. The case was handled by the Black Knights led by Zero sorted in Albion Zero.

The knightmare ended its mission successful though covered in blood. That image instilled fear to the people he had saved, so Zero decided he could not continue piloting that knightmare. Following the event Zero acknowledged that it might be necessary for him to go into combat again. Therefore, he requests Rakshata to develop him a new Knightmare, not like the Lancelot used by the "evil" Emperor Lelouch's knight, something that would be more fitting for Zero to use. She decided that, for Zero, a successor to the Shinkirō would be perfect. This resulted in the development of the Mahoroba Type-0 for combat while the Mahoroba Type-01 would be used for ceremonial purposes.



Notes & Trivia[]

  • Despite not appearing in Re;surrections movie it however doses appear in the Re;surrection manga and makes its video game debut in SRW 30 as a secret unit and early access to Suzaku. Who by default will be with Lelouch if Albion Zero is not acquired.
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