Kyoto House
Kyōto House
Leader(s) Taizō Kirihara
Locations Mount Fuji
Historical Information
Dissolution a.t.b. 2017
Notable Members
Kaguya Sumeragi
Hidenobu Kubouin
Tousai Munakata
Tatsunori Osakabe
Hiroyosi Yoshino
Real World
First Appearance His Name is Zero
Last Appearance Bloodstained Euphie
Other Information
See Taizō Kirihara
Kyoto house logo

== In wildness is the preservation of the world
So seek the wolf in thyself ==

== Off through the new day's mist We run
Out from new day's mist We had came
We hunt
Therefore We are
Harvest the land
Taking of the fallen lamb ==

Leader/Member Image
Taizō Kirihara (Leader) - (Deceased) Taizo Kirihara1
Kaguya Sumeragi (Member) - (Former) Kaguya54
Hidenobu Kubouin (公方院秀信) (Member) - (Deceased)
Hidenobu Kubouin
Tousai Munakata (宗像唐斎, Munakato Tōsai) (Member) - (Deceased)
Tousai Munakata
Tatsunori Osakabe( 刑部辰紀, Osakabe Tatsunori) (Member) - (Deceased)
Tatsunori Osakabe
Hiroyosi Yoshino (吉野) (Member) - (Mentioned and Deceased) Kyoto House


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