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Kou (紅羽, Kou) is a character from the game Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code. He serves the protagonist of the Code Geass: Crimson of the Blood Pact storyline.



Character History[]

Crimson of the Blood Pact[]

Genesic Re;Code[]


Entei Toju[]

Kou's Knightmare, Entei Toju(炎帝倒寿), is a spear that has the ability to generate powerful flames.



  • In one product, a trading card, Kou's name is given as Hong Yu in English. Along with his origins, this may mean that Kou is based on the historical figure of Xiang Yu. Both were sons of the royalty in Chu, and rebelled against the Qin Dynasty.
  • Though unlike many other protagonists in the series, his storyline, Crimson of the Blood Pact, does not appear to contain his name in the title at first, it is however read in Japanese as "Ketsumei no Kou".