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The Knightpolice (ナイトポリス, Naitoporisu) is a Knightmare Frame made from retired Glasgows. They are operated by an elite paramilitary unit of the Britannian Police Force, where they serve as backup support for regular and special police units. Although made obsolete by the introduction of the Sutherland. The Glasgow are still capable machine in use in anti-personnel role or other tasks excluding Knightmare Frame combat.

Design and Specifications[]

After the Holy Britannian Empire developed the superior Knightmare Frame, Sutherland, it became more favored over the Glasgow. As a result, the Holy Britannian Empire used the remaining Glasgows and remodelled them into Knightpolice. Improvements include a white-based coloring, the installation of red rotating lights on the chest, shoulders, and top of the cockpit, and changes to the armor shape of the arms and lower body.

Knightpolice pistol knife

Knightpolice's Armaments. Consist of pistols and Anti-KMF knife

Being a remodelled Glasgow, it still retains all of the features of a regular Glasgow. However, being made specifically for the Britannian Police Force, it is armed with a pair of machine pistols located inside the newly built holster instead of a standard KMF's assault rifle, as well as a specially-made anti-Knightmare combat knife. In addition, Knight Police frames also use a riot shield during crowd-control situations where firearms or rogue Knightmares may be present.


Knightpolice - Line Art

Data from Code Geass Dengeki Data Collection

General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2x Machine Pistols (holstered in its hips)
  • 2x Anti-Knightmare Combat Knives (attached to its arm) (detachable)

Optional Armaments

  • 2x Tonfas (Elbow-mounted)
  • 1x Riot Shield


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