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Knightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea) is term used to refer to multiple different things throughout the Code Geass franchise. Original used as the name of the mecha used in the anime, it was later used to refer to the people altered by Dash. In Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code, it is used during several different time periods throughout history.


The term Knightmare appears throughout different points in history, and its usage seems to be for completely unrelated things, often alongside Geass and Codes. While Geass and Codes remain the same across human history, Knightmare rarely ever seems to be connected and the term seems be coincidental. The reason for this is suggested that the word "Knightmare" holds some significance to humanity's Collective Unconscious.

In addition to this, it is suggested by Gemma that since it often appears alongside Geass, a power that seems to only affect the mind or brain, Knightmare could be seen as a means of physical attack.

Knightmare Frame[]

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Knightmare Frames (ナイトメアフレーム, Naitomea Furēmu) are humanoid war machines first developed by the Holy Britannian Empire.

Knightmare (Renya of Darkness)[]

Knightmare of humans who have been altered by Dash's ability to "make flesh run wild. Hightening the bodies abilities to greater heights, these enhancements can grant power to the recipient, such as hardening ones skin and other abilities. However, not all can handle the burden of this process and if their willpower is insuffient it can cause one to lose their willpower and become a mindless servant, as was the case with Talia. In exchange for these great powers however, a Knightmare's lifespan is greatly reduced and their body will eventually begin to deteriote.

Due to the trap placed on him by Dash, Renya failed to form a contract with C.C. despite having the potential for Geass, and instead received a curse. Because of this, he became something similar to Knightmares, and his left arm was transformed and received a new power. He could drain the life force from other living things, both humans and animals, and eventually the heat from the surrounding area as his ability grew stronger. However, the cost of this power was that he required draining life force to sustain himself, no longer feeling hunger.

Knightmare Panzer[]

Knightmare Panzer (ナイトメア・パンツァー, Naitomea Pantsua) were a type of walking tank used during World War II. Requiring a single pilot, they are described as a "Multi-Legged Combat Vehicle .

Knightmare Treasues[]

Knightmare Treasure (ナイトメア, Naitomea) also known as (夜想宝具) Knight Concept Treasure Tool or just Knight Treasures, were weapons used in Ancient China in the war against the Qin Dynasty. These weapons possessed mystical properties and speacial abilities. These tools could only be wielded by special individuals, feeling too heavy to lift by those who could not, but as light as they should be to those who could.

  • Entei Toju was a spear that had the ability to create fire.
  • Touhou Soryu was a shield that allowed one to block and freely redirect attacks in any direction the user chose.
  • Guntei Daito was a sword that could reanimate the corpses of the dead.

Jack the Knightmare[]

Jack the Knightmare was a serial killer in London in the past, pursued by Scotland Yard and Klaus Lestrade.

Knightmare Doll[]

Knightmare Dolls are sentient androids, bestowed rolls by the Government Bureau. Luxe is one such Knightmare Doll.