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Knight of Honor refers to the personal bodyguards recruited by a princess of the Imperial Family. In the way Euphemia Li Britannia employs Suzaku and Cornelia employed Guilford, similar cases have been seen in regards to the Emperor of Britannia. Similar to the way Charles zi Britannia employed the Knights of Rounds and Lelouch had Suzaku Kururugi (the Knight of Zero), but this would more likely be a special Order of Knighthood, and it's uncertain if Princes are also permitted Knights of Honor, or if they are known by another name.

Eligible Knight of Honor Candidates For Euphemia li Britannia selected by Cornelia.

Upon receiving this title, in service of Euphemia, Suzaku was promoted to Major - a promotion of four ranks, according to Japanese convention.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is speculated that in some cases, Knights of Honor become lovers of the ones they serve. Prime examples of this suspicion include Suzaku himself (due to him and Euphemia sharing a strong mutual attraction to, and love for, one another), as well as Oldrin Zevon, knight to Princess Marrybell mel Britannia.
  • Villetta Nu claimed to be this after she shot Ohgi (Season 1 Episode 25). She also mused that Cornelia would "make her real nobility not just a Knight of Honor" at the docks when she discovered Zero's identity (Season 1 Episode 14). Lelouch also stated to Clovis (Season 1 Episode 3) when questioning him that his own mother Marianne 'held the title of Knight of Honor but was a commoner by birth". However this is information provided by Villetta and Lelouch and has not been confirmed.
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