The Siegfried is an example of a Knight Giga Fortress.

A Knight Giga Fortress is a derivation of the Knightmare Frame, characterized by its lack of limbs, immense size, and durability. Such fortresses, essentially hovering assault craft, use a Float System to maneuver themselves through the air, and can be equipped with multiple Slash Harkens, Hadron Cannons, and other weapons.

Knight Giga Fortress by Faction[edit | edit source]

The Knight Giga Fortress is a remodeled version of the Knightmare Frame characterized by a lack of arms and limbs. The Siegfried was developed by secret funding by Prince Schneizel el Britannia. In the DS Game, there is a pink version of the Siegfried known as the Siegfried Kai piloted by Euphemia.

Holy Britannian Empire:[edit | edit source]

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