Suzaku Kururugi is the only known Honorary Britannian to achieve the rank of Knight .

Knight is lowest title in the Nobility that can be achieved through substantial service to the Empire. Because it is the lowest rank in the Britannian Nobility, a commoner can achieve this status and become a non-hereditary noble. If one becomes a Knight, they will receive a special place in the Nobility, usually as a bodyguard for a high ranking Aristocrat. For now, it is unknown if the rank of Knight is only achievable through military prowess or through Art, Literature, Science, or other such public services that have contributed to the Empire. To ascend to this rank a Ceremony is usually performed, the only down side to this title is that the Knight's potential children cannot inherit it.

Knights can be assigned to members of the royalty such as Cornelia li Britannia and Euphemia Li Britannia.