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Kinoshita (きのした, Kinoshita) is a member of the Black Knights and holds the position of Sub-Commander.

Character Outline[]

Kinoshita is seen as a loyal member and compotent commander. However, during the Assault on the Geass Order along with his squad members, he questions on whether this is the right thing to do before Zero reinforces his commands to destroy all of the Geass Order. Before his death, he transfers all his data on Zero to Asahina who is already suspicious of his covert operations.

Character History[]

Second Season[]

Geass Hunt

Kinoshita and his squad during the Assault on the Geass Order

Kinoshita makes his first appearance during the Assault on the Geass Order, being a highly secretive operation being told that it was a highly secret military installation. He commands a squadron with him to kill and destroy the Geass Order. However, during the battle, he and his squadmates concur that the people they are killing are unarmed and isn't a Britannian military installation. Zero then makes a statement that the Geass Order is a research facility that is researching on how to make immortal soldiers and therefore must be destroyed. When V.V. was defeated, Zero commands Kinoshita to take a squad and search the middle levels of the Geass Order. After the battle, Kinoshita is seen with the bodybags of all the researchers and children of the Geass Order. He questions on why Zero would give this command and said that this is barbaric as the Britannians seemingly regretting all of this.

Later on, Kinoshita was about to be questioned about this mission by Asahina. However, before he could, Rolo appears saying that this is top secret and only certain members of the Black Knights are permitted to know.

Kinoshita's Final Moments

Kinoshita's final moments.

Kinoshita is last seen participating in the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement. During the battle, Asahina asked Kinoshita if they have located the Viceroy yet to which he replied they have not, but they have found Kallen Kōzuki. However, during this conversation his knightmare became severely damaged by an explosion causing him to eject. However, he ejected into a building and was shot by a nearby Vincent Ward. Before his death, he sent all of his data about Zero to Asahina.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Code Geass: The Manga[]

Just like in the anime, Kinoshita participates in the Geass Order assault. He is traumatized by it during the UFN formation and informs Sugiyama and Tamaki prior to Zero's betrayal.