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Kingdom of Zilkhstan
King/Princess Shalio
Capital Gralbahd

The Kingdom of Zilkhstan, known as the Land of Warriors, is said to be an invincible kingdom that once even defeated the army of the Holy Britannian Empire while they were outnumbered.It is the primary antagonist in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.



Gralbahd, the capital city of Zilkhstan

Situated between cliffs and the sea, the country is made up of roughly 90% desert. Because of this, it has little in the way of natural resources.

The capital city of Gralbahd sits on the seaside. A temple is built into the nearby cliffside, which sits at 1000m tall. It stands among the clusters of modern building as the centerpiece of the city and towers over the densely populated areas on both sides. The city's palace, seated right on the water, is connected directly to the temple by a bridge.

The Wailing Prison is located on the Gimsula Plains, built in what was once a temple.


Since its founding, Zilkhstan has been supported from behind the scenes by Farlaf, an organization that split off from the Geass Order 300 years ago. Because of this, there are systems to enter the World of C throughout the country, called Aramu Gates. One such location is beneath the Wailing Prison in the Gimsula Plains, while another is located in the temple in the capital.

Due to the country's lack of natural resources, the #1 exported commodity is its own soldiers. All over the world, Zilkhstan's soldiers have been hired as mercenaries. The strength of Zilkhstan is such that there was a time when a handful of Zilkhstan soldiers could defeat Britannian armies. In the event that the seaside capital is attacked or invaded, 12,000 armed soldiers stand ready to defend it.


Zilkhstan is jointly ruled by the siblings Shalio and Shamna, with Shamna handling the religious while Shalio handles the military.

According to the picture drama-after the events of the movie and the Black Knights invasion-, Kaguya Sumeragi was appointed as a temporary ruler

Notable CitizensEdit

Queen Shamna

King Shalio

Bolvona Forgnar

Shesthaal Forgnar

Swaile Qujappat

Belq Batoum Bitool

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