Kanon Maldini
Kanon Maldini
Full Name: Kanon Maldini

Age: 28 (at R2)
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Hair Color: Brownish Peach
Eye Color: Blue

Birth Date: a.t.b. June 1st 1990
Nationality: Britannian
Additional Information
Title: Earl of the Holy Britannian Empire
Rank: Earl
Occupation: Military Officer
Real World
First Appearance: One Million Miracles
Last Appearance: Re;
Voiced By: Kozo Mito (Japanese)
Adam Bobrow (English)
Other Info:
See Holy Britannian Empire

Kanon Maldini (カノン マルディーニ, Kanon Marudīni), 28 years old, is a subordinate of Schneizel El Britannia and an Earl of Britannia.

Character Outline

As his right-hand-man, Kanon is shown to be extremely loyal to Schneizel, however it doesn't stop him from voicing his differences in opinions in cases; such as Schneizel's attempted coup d'etat to Emperor Charles and destroying the Damocles while Nunnally is still there. Kanon is not a person who is too rigid. He makes a joke to Milly Ashford about being Schneizel's assistant in both public and private matters, only to wave it off and claim that Schneizel likes to keep weird people around.

Character history

Second Season

Kanon is first shown up in episode 3 of second season, when Suzaku enters battlefield among Britannia and E. U., then he is shown accompanying the 2nd prince to Chinese Federation. From this point, he continues to be seen at Schneizels side, and is shown having a friendly relationship with Nina Einstein. After Suzaku agrees to meet Lelouch alone at the Kururugi shrine, he is revealed to have followed Suzaku there (alongside the Glaston Knights in order to investigate and capture Zero) and obtains conclusive evidence not only of the masked terrorist's identity, but also the existence of Geass. His presence makes Lelouch believe that Suzaku betrays him.

After the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Kanon and Schneizel come to the Black Knights' headquarters in order to pick up Cornelia and make a truce with them. When the truce was successfully made and the Black Knights agreed to disobey Lelouch, Schneizel then announces his ambition to acsend to the throne of Britannia. Kanon notes that he has finally made up his mind. He is later shown to be among the faction of Britannians who oppose Lelouch and aids the Black Knights During the battle above Mt. Fuji he is against Schneizel's decision to arm the F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead to destroy Damocles as a means of killing Lelouch, calling it terrorism, and shocked that Schneizel would abandon his crippled sister. Regardless, he still follows Schneizel's orders, until Schneizel was Geassed by Lelouch.

Kanon is also slated for public execution along with Tianzi, Xingke, Ohgi, Kallen, and others. They were all released when Lelouch was assassinated by Zero.

Appearances in Other Media

Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack

In the near end of the manga's storyline, Schneizel killed Kanon instead of Diethard.


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