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Kagoshima Settlement Battle
Part of the Second Black Rebellion
Kagoshima Settlement Battle
The Galahad battling against the Shen Hu
Date 2018 a.t.b.
Location Kagoshima Settlement, Area 11
Result Ceasefire
United Federation of Nations

The Black Knights

Holy Britannian Empire
Li Xingke Bismarck Waldstein
Luciano Bradley
100+ Panzer-Hummel
300+ Akatsuki
500+ Gun-Ru
Da Longdan
6+ Longdan
400+ Vincent Wards
500+ Sutherlands
Valkyrie Squadron
Casualties and Losses
150+ Akatsuki
200+ Gun-Ru
150+ Vincent Ward
200+ Sutherland

The Battle[]

Knights of Round, Bismarck Waldstein and Luciano Bradley awaited at the coast for incoming Black Knight forces. After the first resolution made by the U.F.N, Li Xingke, the Longdan and the Knightmares that were under his command attacked the Kagoshima Coast while troop landed in Yamaguchi .Fire between both forces were exchanged with Britannia initially losing. However, Luciano, who was in the left wing, destroyed many Knightmares and ships. Bismarck also sortied and attacked Xingke's Shen Hu, overwhelming him with the use of the Maser Vibration Sword, Excalibur. After several hours of fighting, Bismarck got an immediate report of Zero and the Black Knights leading a second attack force to the Tokyo Settlement. Bismarck permitted Luciano and his Percival to be sent, along with Luciano's Valkyrie Squadron, and aided Britannian forces against the second assault on the Tokyo Settlement while Bismarck stayed behind.

The battle presumably ended when Britannia agreed to a ceasefire with the Black Knights.