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Julius Kingsley (ジュリアス・キングスレイ, Juriasu Kingusurei) was a Britannian military advisor deployed to St. Petersburg in order to take charge of the operational planning for the war effort being carried out by the forces of Euro Britannia against the E.U. In reality, he was Lelouch vi Britannia under Emperor Charles zi Britannia's Geass, making him forget his previous life as a rebel and prince and believing himself to be a loyal soldier of Britannia. He was escorted by Suzaku Kururugi during his travel to Europe on the Imperial Family's private, transcontinental train. He is one of the major antagonists of Akito the Exiled.

Character Outline

Julius Kingsley is very proud, boarding on arrogance, that he channels through grandiose, flamboyant gestures. He first appears briefly in In Episode 2 of the OVA series with Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi as his guard.

He is first introduced clutching his right eye while begging for Suzaku to give him water, who glares and does nothing, merely watching him suffer. In his second appearance, upon arriving in St. Petersburg, Kingsley proudly declares that the Emperor has placed him in charge of all the eastern front operational planning for Euro Britannia's military. He later proclaims this to the Grand Duke Augusta Henry Velaines proving so by wielding the Imperial Scepter.

After assembling the Grand Duke and leaders of the Knight Orders of Euro Britannia, Kingsley launched a massive attack on the EU under the Ark Fleet plan: a massive airship bombing strategic positions in Europia.

However, the bombing was fake and was used to spread panic and disorder in the uneasy European society. It was a massive cyber attack that hacked European systems and disabled power via the ship. With the distraction, the EU military on the frontlines were forced to withdraw.

Taking advantage of it, Kingsley ordered a massive counterattack on all fronts. However, Velaines was horrified and argued it would result in great civilian losses. Kingsley dismissed the cost and ordered Velaines to be placed under arrest. When Gaudefroy du Villon of the Knights of Gabriel grabbed and threatened Kingsley, Suzaku struck him down and informed them that disobedience to Kingsley is comparable to treason.

With Euro-Britannia completely under his rule, Julius Kingsley summoned the Grand Master of the Order of Michael Shin Hyuga Shaing for a game of chess. Defeating him easily, he taunted Shaing for his weakness, as he allowed himself to covet the powerful piece despite the loss of advantage when he refused to sacrifice his queen. He says all people have attachment: friends, family, lovers, but says he himself is different. However, as Kingsley began proclaiming his loyalty solely to the Emperor, he cut himself off and began having a psychotic fit, sweeping the chess pieces off the table and mumbling to himself about Kamine Island. Shaing tells Suzaku that he recognized Kingsley's plans as the same tactics as Zero, revealing definitively to the audience that Julius Kingsley was Lelouch vi Britannia. Kingley's eyepatch falls off revealing his active Geass, and his eyes flicker with the red ring of someone controlled by Geass, showing that Julius Kingsley is the effect of a Geass on Lelouch.

Julius continued his confused and panicked ranting despite Suzaku's gunshot and the subsequent Knightmare battle, and Shaing approaching him with a gun in hand. When Julius mentions Nunnally's name, Shaing realized that he was the 11th Prince of Britannia, though it's never explained how he knows. Despite Suzaku defeating the Knights, he and Lelouch are taken as prisoners.

Shaing imprisoned the two together while claiming that he'd killed them. While imprisoned, Lelouch was lost in his memories of the summer when he and Suzaku lived at the Kururugi Shrine prior to the war. Lelouch again asked for water and Suzaku snapped and choked him, though when Lelouch starts crying and asks Suzaku to kill him, Suzaku seemed to realize what he's doing and steps away, looking upset with himself. When Lelouch again says he wants Suzaku to kill him, Suzaku ignores him and says he wants to find Nunnally with him.

The two remain there, Lelouch falling asleep on Suzaku's shoulder, until Rolo arrives and informs them that Charles requests an audience with Julius Kingsley, connecting to his fate in R2 with Lelouch having his memory rewritten and going back to Ashford as bait to lure C.C..


  • Julius Kingsley's name is a reference to Julius Caesar, and even the location he stays in is called Caesar's Palace.
  • Despite being considered a major antagonist, Julius never actually faces any of the protagonists. He does, however, face off against the main antagonist Shin Hyuga Shaing.
  • There are multiple scenes throughout the OVA series that suggest his state is unstable, with his original personality briefly resurfacing, as indicated by Kingsley muttering Nunnally's name, and even going so far as to calling Julius Kingsley another being all together.
  • Julius Kingsley's values and ideals are entirely inverted from Lelouch's, which, ironically, is what allows Lelouch to nearly overcome Charles' Geass, as Julius Kingsley embodies the very kind of person he despised. This is especially evident when the only time we see the beginning of one of his episodes, it's when he was proclaiming his devotion to the Emperor, the man Lelouch hates most.
    • Despite the huge difference, Julius' personality and mannerisms seem like Lelouch's but louder. He's much crueler than Lelouch even pretends to be making him even more of an effective tactician, is just as if not more overdramatic and flamboyant, and displays his pride to an arrogantly intensified degree. He also displays ridiculous amounts of loyalty, though said loyalty being completely reversed alone makes him wildly different from Lelouch.
  • Julius shows next to no acknowledgement of Suzaku outside of his Geass-fighting fits. Travelling with Suzaku may also be a trigger for his episodes because neutrality to Suzaku is the exact opposite of any of the things Lelouch feels for him, and Suzaku's presence could also be why the episodes are always him falling back to the summer at the shrine.
  • His runaway Geass is hidden by the elaborate eye-patch with two purple crystals hanging from the ends and one directly underneath his left eye, similar to the single green crystal that would hang on the left side of his hat as emperor. 
  • His Geass seen active in his eye is somewhat of a contradiction to R2, where Lelouch's Geass was invisible and inaccessable because he never remembered having it. However, this could be because his resistance to Kingsley's persona was much stronger than his resistance of the Lamperouge persona.
  • Julius' outfit is similar to Kamui and Subaru's from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and Kamui is a notable inspiration for Lelouch's design and designed by the same group.