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Josui Kusakabe (草壁 徐水, Kusakabe Josui) was a member of the Japan Liberation Front who held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and he was responsible for planning and executing the Japanese Liberation Front Hotel Incident.



Character History[]

First Season[]

Kusakabe and JLF members with the hostages

Kusakabe and his subordinates with the hostages.

Kusakabe make a brief first appearance along with the other members of the Japan Liberation Front. He asks if the JLF should attempt to rescue Suzaku Kururugi who was falsely accused for the murder of Clovis La Britannia. However, Zero appears and saves Kururugi shocking Kusakabe as well as the other members of the JLF. Kusakabe later appears during the Japanese Liberation Front Hotel Incident as the one who planned the Hotel Jack Incident by himself without the authorization of General Katase or the other high-ranking members of the JLF. Kusakabe, backed by a detatchment of JLF members, takes all the Britannians in the hotel hostage and announces that he will free everyone as long as Britannia meets his terms. There are several people who are watching such as The Black Knights, who question this action, as well as Tohdoh, who outright calls Kusakabe a fool. The Britannians try every possible way to save the hostages without giving in or revealing the fact that Euphemia Li Britannia is one of said hostages. After Zero appears and is allowed clearance to go through the Britannian Army, Kusakabe agrees to negotiate with him.

Kusakabe commits suicide

Kusakabe commits suicide due to Lelouch's Geass.

However, after one of the JLF members report that they have Sub-Viceroy Euphemia, Kusakabe tells Zero that he has no use of him and lunges at the masked man with his katana. Before he can strike, Zero uses his Geass on Kusakabe and the other JLF members and orders them to kill themselves, with Kusakabe committing seppuku. Afterwards, Zero is able to save all the hostages and bring them to safety. Ultimately, Kusakabe's plan results the JLF's loss of support among the general populace, contributing to the organization's eventual downfall.

Appearances in Othe rMEdia[]

Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally[]

Nemo takes control

Nemo taking over Nunnally's body after Kusakabe appears to kill Alice.

Kusakabe’s role in Nightmare of Nunnally is practically identical to his canon counterpart up until he notice’s Nunnally’s file while looking over the hostage information. He immediately recognizes her as the exiled princess due to them having met while she was at the Kururugi Mansion, and orders that she be brought to him. Kusakabe tries to convince Nunnally to reveal her identity as royalty in order to prevent Cornelia from attacking, but upon her refusal, he seemingly has Alice killed. This leads to Nemo taking over Nunnally's body and almost killing Kusakabe, but stopping due to Nunnally not wanting to see any more death. Zero then appears before him and its revealed that zero actually arranged the hotel hijacking by leaking information to Kusakabe and giving him the funds to carry it out. Zero then shoots him dead.


  • The name Josui means "gradually, slowly, deliberately, gently" (徐) (jo) and "water" (水) (sui).
  • Josui's surname Kusakabe means "grass, herb, weed" (草) (kusa) and "wall" (壁) (kabe).