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The Jarja Vakka is a Knightmare Frame of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, it acts as the personal unit of the captain of Shamna's Elite Guard, Shesthaal Forgnar, during the Wailing Prison incident. Its exact abilities are unknown, but it is shown using a shoulder-mounted Slash Harken, a sword, and two large Factsphere Sensors in its chest. It is destroyed along with its devicer by a sakuradite bomb set by Lelouch.

Design and Specification[]

Jarja Close up

K13B/J Jarja Vakka

Easily noticeable with its blue color scheme, yellow optics, and red horn, the Jarja Vakka is recognized everywhere inside the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. This was possibly meant to reference the devicer's bold personality.

The Jarja Vakka's design was based on or developed from the Ghedo Vakka, due to the similarity of its lower chassis to it, with the only difference being the top half of the chassis closely resembling the humanoid design of a Britannian Knightmare. The clawed manipulators of the Ghedo Vakka have been replaced by hands. The KMF is also implied to possess a Cockpit Ejection System due to the enlarged hump in its back resembling many Britannian-designed Knightmares. The interior of the cockpit also evokes similarities to Britannian Knightmares.

This Knightmare Frame only has its sword as a primary weapon, but considering that the Jarja Vakka is a personalized custom unit for Shesthaal, it may be this way more as a matter of personal preference rather than tactical sense. Even so, the Jarja Vakka still possesses exceptional agility through the use of its four Landspinners and was able to leap through obstacles with ease. This, when paired with its sword makes the KMF suited for close range combat, and being quite formidable with Shesthaal at its helm.

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