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JLF Knightmare Transport Truck

JLF Knightmare Transport Truck

JLF Knightmare Transport Truck


Transport Truck


Japan Liberation Front
The Order of the Black Knights


Japan Liberation Front

Propulsion Engine

Ten Wheeled Drive


1x Battering Ram

Special Equipment

2x Knightmare Frames

The JLF Knightmare Transport Truck was a type of self-driving, semi-autonomous transport trucks used to ferry the Burai Kais into battle.

Design and Specifications[]

These transport trucks were large enough to house not one, but two Burai Kais in its compartment. It was modified to be self-driving and was made innocuous enough to not raise suspicion.

The truck was uparmoured with a battering ram, allowing it to punch through concrete walls and still be considered operable to drive.

The truck has a roof door above so that when the time comes, the Burai Kais could easily jump out of the vehicle rather than awkwardly come out from the rear.

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