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The Issus is a Knightmare Frame operated by the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. It appears to have been based on the Alexander.

Design and Specifications[]

The Issus is a strange looking Knightmare, resembling a quadrapedal spider or insect in design. The Issus is unable to stand up, making it a vehicle that is naturally low to the ground. This actually gives the Issus an advantage to most Knightmares as its low profile makes it difficult to hit from afar, it also allows the Issus to cram into areas or take cover in positions too big for Knightmares.

Moreover, the cockpit of the Issus is situated at the back of the Knightmare's head, creating a very arachnid-looking vehicle in the process. The Issus is armed with two shoulder-mounted cannons and it is a very fast and nimble Knightmare Frame.


  • The Issus takes its name from the ancient site where Alexander the Great defeated Darius III of Persia.


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